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  1. An instruction trace visualisation tool for dynamic program analysis

    QMake 302 36 Built by @ncatlin @radarhere @xn0px90
  2. QMake 43 30 Built by @mvasilchuk
  3. mooc-清华数据结构与算法(邓俊辉) OJ习题

    QMake 30 18 Built by @zhousoft
  4. Example of a starting project structure for unit testing in Qt Creator

    QMake 15 11 Built by @dragly @FSund
  5. This repository is references for development in Maya API C++ and C# and Python, Setting, Workflow, and Examples.

    QMake 14 6 Built by @chiaxin
  6. Natron build scripts for various distros

    QMake 13 Built by @olear @MrKepzie @invalid-email-address
  7. Qt Documentation

    QMake 12 13 Built by @jeromepasion @gladhorn @liangqi @toreinio @ossilator
  8. An example project for a QT Creator project with multiple subdirectories

    QMake 12 3 Built by @idelsink
  9. Automotive Media Manager by Integrated Computer Solutions

    QMake 12 10 Built by @rkrauseics @githubics @binaryquinn
  10. Stochastic Scene Generation with Unreal Engine 4 for machine learning in RoboCup

    QMake 10 1 Built by @TimmHess @MrtnMndt
  11. stream opencv mat thought tcp from pc client to pc server or android server

    QMake 9 1 Built by @wzyuliyang
  12. Example code of Qt for Android

    QMake 9 2 Built by @benlau
  13. ⚡️ Qt C++ with OpenCV

    QMake 8 3 Built by @manashmndl
  14. Use Qt creator IDE and AVR-GNU toolchain and avrdude upload tool to write, build and/or deploy programs for AVR microcontrollers

    QMake 8 2 Built by @TheMightyQuasar
  15. A wrapper to use qml-material in a qrc file

    QMake 7 1 Built by @marco-piccolino
  16. QMake 7 Built by @yuyilei
  17. Doing versioning right: examples for build environments like cmake, qmake, meson and autotools

    QMake 6 Built by @pvanhoof
  18. Easily copy .java source files into your build directory when targeting Android

    QMake 4 1 Built by @lukevear
  19. Examples of PVS-Studio integration in QMake (QtCreator)

    QMake 4 1 Built by @SvyatoslavRazmyslov
  20. mac qt5.6 opencv

    QMake 4
  21. Bingrep allows you to find a binary expresion into a file, or files, by searching recursively in a directory tree. You do not depend on file extensions anymore. You can find any file for its type, Bingrep will find it looking for binary patterns into the file. You could use Bingrep for binary audit purposes as well.

    QMake 4 Built by @TheSlackOne
  22. Minimal Android project using ANDROID_DEPLOYMENT_DEPENDENCIES

    QMake 4 Built by @edips
  23. A Galavant front-end using Unreal Engine 4. Features a procedural smooth voxel-based world

    QMake 4 1 Built by @makuto
  24. QMake 4 13 Built by @youngerking1985 @amagri
  25. Qt-based Rapid Application Development Framework

    QMake 3 1 Built by @soroush
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