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  1. The Racket repository

    Racket 2,662 428 Built by @mflatt @elibarzilay @rfindler @samth @jeapostrophe
  2. book-publishing system in Racket

    Racket 764 53 Built by @mbutterick @leafac @LeifAndersen @sorawee @j3parker
  3. WIP implementation of a Haskell-like Lisp in Racket

    Racket 751 31 Built by @lexi-lambda @iitalics @AlexKnauth @gelisam @bennn
  4. Frog is a static web site generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments.

    Racket 577 74 Built by @greghendershott @jaor @wilbowma @tfeb @offby1
  5. column-staggered travel keyboard design

    Racket 495 78 Built by @technomancy @ckhroulev @rotlaus @albinger @dbordak
  6. Reusable Reproducible Composable Software

    Racket 485 35 Built by @sjmackenzie @dmichiels @clacke @gazhayes @ericsagnes
  7. Synthesis for floating-point expressions

    Racket 304 17 Built by @HazardousPeach @pavpanchekha @ztatlock @DavidThien @jasonqiu95
  8. The Rosette solver-aided host language, sample solver-aided DSLs, and demos

    Racket 280 42 Built by @emina @jamesbornholt @rohinmshah @AlexKnauth @bmastenbrook
  9. The Pie language, which accompanies The Little Typer by Friedman and Christiansen

    Racket 252 17 Built by @david-christiansen @pnwamk @ahmadsalim @jbclements
  10. A Digital Scientific Notation

    Racket 240 11 Built by @khinsen @bennn
  11. Whalesong: Racket to JavaScript compiler

    Racket 225 29 Built by @dyoo @soegaard @m4burns @samth @metadave
  12. My racket study documentation

    Racket 221 30 Built by @tyrchen @longhua @zhuyuesut
  13. Pyramid is a language to create Ethereum smart contracts

    Racket 211 9 Built by @MichaelBurge @zitterbewegung
  14. Typed Racket

    Racket 196 46 Built by @samth @stamourv @endobson @takikawa @pnwamk
  15. Write RESTful web apps in Racket.

    Racket 187 20 Built by @dmac @philix @RenaissanceBug @hovatterz
  16. Racket to JavaScript Compiler

    Racket 180 8 Built by @vishesh @glebm @stchang @arjunguha
  17. Waxeye is a parser generator based on parsing expression grammars (PEGs). It supports C, Java, JavaScript, Python, Racket, and Ruby.

    Racket 179 28 Built by @orlandohill @glebm @adabru @vic @MattWoelk
  18. Provide a few Clojure-inspired ideas in Racket. Where Racket and Clojure conflict, prefer Racket.

    Racket 177 18 Built by @greghendershott @qerub @AlexKnauth @cmpitg @technomancy
  19. Racket 167 8 Built by @mflatt @elibarzilay @rfindler @samth @jeapostrophe
  20. DrRacket, IDE for Racket

    Racket 162 31 Built by @rfindler @elibarzilay @psteckler @mflatt @samth
  21. A bibliography on Gradual Typing

    Racket 161 14 Built by @samth @jsiek @takikawa @bennn @jsyeo
  22. A practical guide to Racket macros

    Racket 150 15 Built by @greghendershott @leafac @cmpitg @tautologico @offby1
  23. Urlang is JavaScript with a sane syntax

    Racket 140 9 Built by @soegaard @danprager @samth
  24. Resources for the “Beautiful Racket” book

    Racket 129 12 Built by @mbutterick @jsmaniac @bennn
  25. Whalesong: Racket to JavaScript compiler

    Racket 125 29 Built by @dyoo @soegaard @vishesh @darrencruse @schanzer
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