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  1. The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

    Ren'Py 1,324 227 Built by @renpytom @kyouryuukunn @Ria-kon @xavi-mat @vbkaisetsu
  2. DDLC fan mod to extend Monika

    Ren'Py 468 311 Built by @ThePotatoGuy @aldoram5 @therationalpi @monikLover @Olliesama
  3. A template for producing Doki Doki Literature Club Mods that adhere to Team Salvato's guidelines

    Ren'Py 56 20 Built by @therationalpi @haloff1 @ThePotatoGuy @monikLover @logokas
  4. [DEPRECATED] CROSS † CHANNEL 中文化 (汉化) 项目,源代码以及网站。(全翻译文本已公开!全平台移植源码已公开!欢迎修改&学习!)CROSS † CHANNEL Chinese Localization Project, source codes and websites. (All translation texts are open, welcome for any edits and improvements!)

    Ren'Py 49 8 Built by @MewX
  5. Lost your RenPy RPY files? Get them back, using RPYC and some code magic.

    Ren'Py 40 18 Built by @lolbot-iichan
  6. Doki Doki Literature Club, the Normal Visual Novel!

    Ren'Py 34 6 Built by @Skull217 @firelightning13
  7. [WIP] "Doki Doki Literature Club!" Android port

    Ren'Py 29 10 Built by @saber-nyan @AlexAzumi @Otorhin
  8. a base game for BT Silver with some edits

    Ren'Py 28 22 Built by @stg-trainer-annon @slavetrainermod @Mad-Merlin @CheeseburgerWithFries @WaterCopy
  9. Бесконечный допил эроге до идеального состояния

    Ren'Py 25 22 Built by @FallenBK-201 @yakui-lover @animefag @shurale @ewgraf
  10. Source code for the Cute Demon Crashers! NaNoRenO game (

    Ren'Py 20 2 Built by @robotlolita @renpytom
  11. Witch Trainer Silver Mod

    Ren'Py 19 17 Built by @asease1 @slavetrainermod @stg-trainer-annon @Mad-Merlin @Johnny28
  12. Katawa Shoujo Prealpha Repair

    Ren'Py 18 5 Built by @stanriders
  13. Dating Sim Engine

    Ren'Py 18 1 Built by @qirien
  14. Ren'Py 17 1 Built by @nyaatrap
  15. RenPy achievements module

    Ren'Py 16 4 Built by @OlegWock @alexpos
  16. Open World H/Sim Game:

    Ren'Py 15 14 Built by @XelaPy @DarkTl @picobyte @pionere @AeonBlack
  17. Simulation game where you play as a colonist on a new planet with your new husband.

    Ren'Py 14 3 Built by @qirien @Rwelean @boomboompsh
  18. Yamayami(ヤマヤミ/止マナイ雨ニ病ミナガラ) ported to Ren'Py.

    Ren'Py 11 3 Built by @magomago @mikoim
  19. This is 3D camera functions and GUI Action Editor for Ren'py

    Ren'Py 11 3 Built by @kyouryuukunn @kevinturner @dsiakm
  20. Katawa Shoujo: Summer's Clover

    Ren'Py 10 2 Built by @stanriders @glael
  21. Prototype IF/VN about sea Hitlers

    Ren'Py 10 1 Built by @SynedraAcus @rucawishkaa @onexsan
  22. Ren'Py 7 311 Built by @ThePotatoGuy @aldoram5 @therationalpi @monikLover @Olliesama
  23. Simple shooting minigame for use in Ren'Py visual novels.

    Ren'Py 7 1 Built by @ColoradoStark @tk3cforever
  24. A Doki-Doki Literature Club Mod, where the main character is being self-aware.

    Ren'Py 6 5 Built by @firelightning13 @BioHazic @DimasDSF @timbasaa
  25. "One Manga Day" visual novel

    Ren'Py 6 2 Built by @DeXP
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