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  1. Accumulated notes on computer science, mathematics, and physics.

    reStructuredText 3 Built by @Naitreey
  2. Jakub's security research

    reStructuredText 1 2 Built by @jwilk
  3. Jakub's coding guidelines (and release checklist)

    reStructuredText 1 Built by @jwilk
  4. famous Debian quotes

    reStructuredText Built by @jwilk
  5. Hey Jakub, what is your name again?

    reStructuredText Built by @jwilk
  6. how to survive in the GitHub jungle

    reStructuredText Built by @jwilk
  7. [obsolete] Jakub's Debian packaging guidelines

    reStructuredText Built by @jwilk
  8. Documentation for Spyder, the Scientific Python Development Environment

    reStructuredText 6 Built by @CAM-Gerlach @dalthviz @ccordoba12
  9. Tutorials and generally useful information regarding packages and system administration in Fedora® and CentOS®

    reStructuredText Built by @remyabel @nazunalika
  10. reStructuredText Built by @fireattack
  11. Jakub's security research

    reStructuredText 2 Built by @jwilk
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