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  1. Bot Builder provides the most comprehensive experience for building conversation applications

    Roff 5,398 2,184 Built by @Stevenic @willportnoy @msft-shahins @chrimc62 @Andrea-Orimoto 12 stars this week

    Roff 529 126 Built by @slimm609 @philippedeswert @cgzones @kirit1193 @besser82 6 stars this week
  3. OpenMPTCProuter is an open source solution to aggregate multiple internet connections using Multipath TCP (MPTCP) on OpenWrt

    Roff 72 17 Built by @Ysurac 5 stars this week
  4. Official continuation of Destination Sol, the great fun little arcade space shooter from

    Roff 117 70 Built by @miloshpetrov @vampcat @Adrijaned @Cervator @oniatus
  5. Datadog Agent Dockerfile for Trusted Builds.

    Roff 253 191 Built by @hkaj @xvello @LotharSee @remh @talwai
  6. Scripts and instructions for using CI services (e.g. Travis CI or Appveyor) with multiple GHC configurations

    Roff 232 37 Built by @phadej @hvr @RyanGlScott @merijn @23Skidoo
  7. 百度网盘命令行工具。The terminal utility for Baidu Network Disk.

    Roff 2,836 623 Built by @GangZhuo @hosiet @tenwx @BoleynSu @marks-yag
  8. 免费ss账号 免费shadowsocks账号 免费v2ray账号 (长期更新)

    Roff 1,229 215 Built by @max2max
  9. Tunneling Internet traffic over Facebook chat.

    Roff 1,148 69 Built by @matiasinsaurralde @denysvitali
  10. A horizontal 📏 for your terminal

    Roff 1,077 54 Built by @LuRsT @Keith-S-Thompson @HalosGhost @dotemacs @Neo1001
  11. Moses, the machine translation system

    Roff 824 505 Built by @hieuhoang @ugermann @kpu @bhaddow @phikoehn
  12. Linux networking examples and tutorials

    Roff 740 58 Built by @knorrie @Landrash @yvolchkov @Roosted7
  13. This repo is mirror of

    Roff 700 65 Built by @jarv @joshtriplett @tvlooy @akamch @amboar
  14. A runtime environment for Steam applications

    Roff 591 72 Built by @slouken @johnv-valve @Plagman @smcv @TTimo
  15. Graphical application for crypto-coin mining

    Roff 494 229 Built by @nwoolls
  16. A repository for using windows event forwarding for incident detection and response

    Roff 393 74 Built by @dstreefkerk @cryps1s @clong @craigsmooth
  17. Firmware files for ath10k, a mac80211 driver for Qualcomm 802.11ac devices

    Roff 359 177 Built by @kvalo
  18. Docker host and container monitoring, logging and alerting out of the box using cAdvisor, Prometheus, Grafana for monitoring, Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash for logging and elastalert and Alertmanager for alerting.

    Roff 340 97 Built by @uschtwill @lbochsler @QingsongYao @VladimirDe @5nafu
  19. The Creality3D Ender-3, a fully Open Source 3D printer perfect for new users on a budget.

    Roff 305 78 Built by @sexycyborg @A63 @Creality3DPrinting
  20. PHP底层内核源码分析和扩展开发

    Roff 301 77 Built by @huqinlou0123
  21. Varnish Agent

    Roff 264 49 Built by @KristianLyng @daghf @gquintard @fgsch @Dridi
  22. Roff 259 65 Built by @shentianxiao
  23. Chinese Manual Page

    Roff 247 87 Built by @lidaobing @biergaizi @Saigut @felixonmars
  24. 专为小程序而生的服务端开发容器

    Roff 244 78 Built by @wodenwang @borball @hyhcoder
  25. Code and data to create a git repository representing the Unix source code history

    Roff 213 32 Built by @dspinellis @igolden
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