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  1. Flat Remix icon theme is a pretty simple Linux icon theme inspired on material design. It is mostly flat with some shadows, highlights and gradients for some depth, and uses a colorful palette with nice contrasts.

    sed 861 71 Built by @daniruiz @maxmalov @binaryoverload
  2. XMPP/Jabber echo bot (written in sed)

    sed 124 8 Built by @horazont @weiss @winks
  3. Simple tool for fixing common misspellings, typos in source code

    sed 109 15 Built by @vlajos @ka7 @EdwardBetts @jsoref @alexbudmsft
  4. Debugger, indenter and HTMLizer for sed scripts

    sed 36 8 Built by @aureliojargas
  5. See This repository is basically a Bi-LSTM based sequence tagger in both Tensorflow and Dynet which can utilize several sources of information about each word unit like word embeddings, character based embeddings and morphological tags from an FST to obtain the representation for that specific wor…

    sed 25 9 Built by @onurgu @cgl
  6. Documentations à partager entre communautés C++ francophones

    sed 21 8 Built by @olibre @Izanami @GuillaumeDua @duckie @baud123
  7. Notes taken from diverse technologies

    sed 15 5 Built by @ehmicky
  8. This repo contains the software that was used to conduct the experiments reported in our article titled "Improving Named Entity Recognition by Jointly Learning to Disambiguate Morphological Tags" [1] to be presented at COLING 2018.

    sed 12 3 Built by @onurgu @cgl
  9. Rampcode is a bytebeat inspired system for livecoding.

    sed 12 2 Built by @gabochi @jimsrc
  10. sed 12 10 Built by @hatem-mahmoud @landstander668
  11. Open Greek New Testament Project; NA28 / NA27 Equivalent Text & Resources

    sed 9 1 Built by @eliranwong
  12. Multi-Site and -Objective calibration method for SWAT model

    sed 8 10 Built by @mehmetbercan @inkenbrandt
  13. sed 7 9 Built by @drphilmarshall @tcollett @jbkalmbach @jiwoncpark
  14. Septuagint database based on Rahlfs 1935 edition

    sed 7 1 Built by @eliranwong
  15. Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Amstelodamensis, BHS A) with Strong's numbers

    sed 6 3 Built by @eliranwong
  16. Busca y reemplaza caracteres corruptos y los transforma a utf8 legíble

    sed 5 Built by @juque
  17. A full and working Python implementation of sed

    sed 5 1 Built by @GillesArcas
  18. Translations of classical RDF vocabularies

    sed 5 Built by @jmvanel @sumutcan @HughGlaser @enridaga
  19. sed 3 2 Built by @247687009 @goudai
  20. ETCBC (version 4c) data on Hebrew bible (csv and SQLite3)

    sed 2 Built by @eliranwong
  21. sed 2 2 Built by @jpierel14 @srodney
  22. Unofficial Snap Packaging for the GTK+ UVC Viewer(Guvcview)

    sed 2 Built by @Lin-Buo-Ren @flexiondotorg @popey @diddledan @evandandrea
  23. Shopware review environment for

    sed 2 Built by @kleinmann @sobyte
  24. Using UNIX tools to do things, that were never meant to be done

    sed 2 Built by @laserbat
  25. Have Markdown Docs

    sed 2 Built by @rajeshpv
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