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  1. The Sources for Pharo

    Smalltalk 201 129 Built by @MarcusDenker @astares @pavel-krivanek @estebanlm @guillep
  2. Smalltalk for the JVM

    Smalltalk 283 46 Built by @jamesladd @SeanTAllen @robdaemon @LeeBreisacher @headius
  3. This client-project is written for kbengine(a MMOG engine of server)

    Smalltalk 273 326 Built by @kbengine @kebiao @basesrv
  4. Dolphin Smalltalk Core Image

    Smalltalk 176 41 Built by @blairmcg @jgfoster @objectarts @blairmc-msft @daniels220
  5. Smalltalk 159 123 Built by @h31h31
  6. Active development of Cuis Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 159 24 Built by @jvuletich @pbella @bpieber @len @dhnorton
  7. The framework for developing sophisticated web applications in Smalltalk.

    Smalltalk 155 28 Built by @jbrichau @dalehenrich @theseion @marschall @pdebruic
  8. A set of tests to teach you Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 149 35 Built by @sl4m @igneus @mylesmegyesi
  9. Monticello repository for directory-based Monticello packages enabling the use of git, svn, etc. for managing Smalltalk source code.

    Smalltalk 112 23 Built by @dalehenrich @vonbecmann @camillobruni @ThierryGoubier @timfel
  10. GNU Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 109 24 Built by @bonzini @zecke @MrGwen @leeduhem @indeyets
  11. STON - Smalltalk Object Notation - A lightweight text-based, human-readable data interchange format for class-based object-oriented languages like Smalltalk.

    Smalltalk 107 17 Built by @svenvc @dalehenrich @fniephaus @noha @juliendelplanque
  12. A computational algebra system in Smalltalk.

    Smalltalk 93 5 Built by @len
  13. Studio is an interactive software diagnostics environment

    Smalltalk 85 7 Built by @lukego @eugeneia @takikawa @benagricola @dtzWill
  14. Iceberg is a set of tools that allow one to handle git repositories directly from a Pharo image. Right now we support only git, but Iceberg is designed to allow other code versioning systems in the future. The final aim of Iceberg is to become the default repository manager for Pharo-core, allowing for smoother and faster integration of contribu…

    Smalltalk 84 43 Built by @estebanlm @guillep @npasserini @tesonep @jecisc
  15. A living full-stack framework for the web

    Smalltalk 80 14 Built by @JupiterJones @dalehenrich @pdavidow @HeSe @eMaringolo
  16. Smalltalk 69 15 Built by @lsm1987
  17. We are PolyMath

    Smalltalk 66 11 Built by @SergeStinckwich @Ducasse @WernerK @djuber @nicolas-cellier-aka-nice
  18. iliad smalltalk web framework

    Smalltalk 59 8 Built by @NicolasPetton @SebastienAudier @swsch @bonzini @canol
  19. GNU Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 50 13 Built by @bonzini @zecke @MrGwen @leeduhem @indeyets
  20. Let's you manage your pharo images and download new ones

    Smalltalk 48 17 Built by @demarey @DamienCassou @guillep @VincentBlondeau @pavel-krivanek
  21. MOOSE - Platform for software and data analysis.

    Smalltalk 47 13 Built by @pavel-krivanek @jecisc @georgeganea @SergeStinckwich @seandenigris
  22. The Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable IDE for Pharo

    Smalltalk 47 3 Built by @girba @georgeganea @JurajKubelka @syrel @chisandrei
  23. A natural language processing toolkit for Pharo Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 44 10 Built by @mark-watson
  24. Metacello is a package management system for Smalltalk

    Smalltalk 40 34 Built by @dalehenrich @demarey @estebanlm @krono @jecisc
  25. Live programming platform for IoT projects based on Pharo

    Smalltalk 38 7 Built by @dionisiydk @MarcusDenker
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