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  1. Curated applications for Kubernetes

    Smarty 6,032 5,526 Built by @bitnami-bot @AdamDang @carrodher @javsalgar @juan131 9 stars today
  2. Smarty 47 104 Built by @guangbochen @cloudnautique @LLParse @jainishshah17 @loganhz
  3. Web UI for Kubernetes with teamwork and CI/CD support

    Smarty 559 28 Built by @voskvv @MargoTuleninova @kfeofantov @mashuklya @Iliad
  4. Kubernetes Setup for Prometheus and Grafana

    Smarty 550 270 Built by @puja108 @pipo02mix @webwurst @Slahser @marians
  5. Packer scripts to build a Vagrant-compatible boot2docker box.

    Smarty 424 198 Built by @mitchellh @fnichol @simonista @dduportal @shawnbutts
  6. Kubernetes high availiability deploy based on kubeadm (English/中文 for v1.11.x/v1.9.x/v1.7.x/v1.6.x)

    Smarty 409 177 Built by @cookeem @trovimap @canghai908
  7. A template Python project with a focus on best practices.

    Smarty 387 125 Built by @seanfisk @benjixx @joaosalless @brianray @jklukas
  8. Catalog entries contributed by the community

    Smarty 341 686 Built by @rawmind0 @cloudnautique @deniseschannon @joshuacox @LLParse
  9. 🤖 📷 Instagram Bot made with love and nodejs

    Smarty 313 61 Built by @ptkdev @agoalofalife @julianxhokaxhiu @lecoueyl @thebatclaudio
  10. Scalable C - The Book

    Smarty 306 34 Built by @hintjens @Philippus @sappo @paetzke @ameuret
  11. Smarty 291 348 Built by @jleetutorial @24601 @stefanthorpe @cxhercules
  12. Grunt plugin for creating screenshots of any site and compare them

    Smarty 275 21 Built by @stefanjudis @danielhusar @chaeringer @fonzerelly @killanaca
  13. Helm Charts

    Smarty 259 108 Built by @bitnami-bot @sameersbn @tompizmor @juan131 @javsalgar
  14. Docker image for thumbor. Detectors, optimizers, lazy detection and separate docker for remotecv.

    Smarty 225 89 Built by @eduherraiz @beenanner @mcfedr @BraisGabin @emazzotta
  15. 一键安装kubernets(k8s)系统,采用RBAC模式运行(证书安全认证模式),既可以单台安装、也可以集群安装,并且完全是生产环境的安装标准。有疑问大家可以加我微信沟通:bsh888

    Smarty 225 109 Built by @bishenghua
  16. DDOS and attack resilient HAProxy configuration. To be used behind CloudFlare.

    Smarty 212 45 Built by @analytically
  17. Provides a basic installation to get up and running with a Symfony2 application quickly

    Smarty 184 73 Built by @kleiram @MarioBlazek @Wesseldr @elvismdev @borNfreee
  18. PrestaShop Starter Theme

    Smarty 161 149 Built by @julienbourdeau @djfm @maximebiloe @aleeks @Quetzacoalt91
  19. Smarty 141 249 Built by @deniseschannon @cloudnautique @LLParse @cjellick @alena1108
  20. A clone of popular Game travian

    Smarty 136 88 Built by @advocaite @DPStokes @Dzoki @DPStokesNZ @GameEngine
  21. A primer on on-line community building

    Smarty 129 18 Built by @hintjens @ScottAbbey @Snorge
  22. The Confluent Platform Helm charts enable you to deploy Confluent Platform services on Kubernetes for development, test, and proof of concept environments.

    Smarty 121 87 Built by @qshao-pivotal @joel-hamill @gAmUssA @fabriziofortino @ybyzek
  23. This is a process management tools

    Smarty 120 12 Built by @yanhao1991 @foreversmart @StaticLove
  24. The IBM/charts repository provides helm charts for IBM and Third Party middleware.

    Smarty 119 140 Built by @morstad @neeraj-laad @octravis @millerkc @frankmalin
  25. An Elasticsearch cluster on top of Kubernetes, made easier, with Helm.

    Smarty 117 83 Built by @clockworksoul @sagikazarmark @andrey-moor @jjungnickel @agabert
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