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  1. CVC4 is an efficient open-source automatic theorem prover for satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) problems.

    SMT 240 91 Built by @mdeters @ajreynol @timothy-king @kbansal @tiliang
  2. Update to Eustathios with a little bit of HercuLien Design Changes

    SMT 99 31 Built by @eclsnowman @nionio6915 @walterhsiao @WheresWaldo @oseiler2
  3. Precious Plastic Downloadpack

    SMT 98 26 Built by @davehakkens @Jerzeek @leo @Dimtree
  4. The Yices SMT Solver

    SMT 97 12 Built by @BrunoDutertre @ianamason @dddejan @aman-goel @samowre
  5. Fusion 360 design files for various boards, components and parts

    SMT 91 13 Built by @djecken
  6. mbed HDK - This repository is not being maintained. For the latest updates, please use:

    SMT 59 45 Built by @andcor02 @chris-styles @iriark01 @BlackstoneEngineering @ashok-rao
  7. New version of the dReal solver. More info at

    SMT 44 31 Built by @soonhokong @scungao @soonho-tri @danbryce @liubing1020
  8. A Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver for the theories of fixed-size bit-vectors, arrays and uninterpreted functions.

    SMT 43 7 Built by @mpreiner @aniemetz @arminbiere @marcogario
  9. Open Thermocycler Implementation

    SMT 37 45 Built by @hisashin @maripo @jperfetto
  10. A low-cost GPS module for Nikon DSLRs

    SMT 32 4 Built by @marmat
  11. A library for Proof Theory (especially Proof Compression) in Scala.

    SMT 26 29 Built by @ceilican @jgorzny @Jogo27 @AFellner @EzequielPostan
  12. Ghosts of Departed Proofs

    SMT 22 Built by @matt-noonan
  13. run z3 on iOS for some reason

    SMT 22 1 Built by @jamesbornholt
  14. Official M3D Promega Repository for tracking SD Card Configs, Slicer Configs, and Issues Voting/Tracking

    SMT 16 14 Built by @marcel-isler @daniel-farina @flipthedog @3DMatt @J-wMueller
  15. SMT Solver for Nonlinear Theories of Reals

    SMT 14 9 Built by @soonho-tri @martinjos
  16. Please check dreal3 instead.

    SMT 13 15 Built by @soonhokong @scungao @danbryce @liubing1020 @kquine
  17. Test and benchmark repository for Z3.

    SMT 12 16 Built by @wintersteiger @NikolajBjorner @leodemoura @levnach @nunoplopes
  18. Learning to Solve SMT Formulas Fast

    SMT 12 1 Built by @pavol-bielik
  19. Tons of Inductive Problems: The Benchmarks

    SMT 11 3 Built by @nick8325 @danr @Airini @Warbo
  20. WEEDINATOR agricultural robot files

    SMT 10 1 Built by @paddygoat @SlashDevin
  21. A Fast Floating-Point Satisfiability Solver

    SMT 9 Built by @zhoulaifu
  22. [prototype] A modular SMT solver in OCaml, based on mcSAT

    SMT 9 2 Built by @Gbury @c-cube @louisabraham
  23. Collection of Eagle projects for targets, interfaces, shields and more

    SMT 8 5 Built by @chris-styles @ashok-rao
  24. A hub for sharing ideas on planning, executing and evaluating benchmarks.

    SMT 7 4 Built by @ahorn @lihaol
  25. LTC4015 solar multi-chemistry battery charger (35V/8A)

    SMT 7 Built by @lucansky
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