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  1. The companion to the Youtube tutorials

    Solidity 515 227 Built by @willitscale @imshubhamsingh @kashishkhullar @vardhanapoorv @chebykin
  2. Examples of Solidity security issues

    Solidity 433 73 Built by @blperez01 @dguido @mgcolburn @montyly @mossberg
  3. A collection about Awesome CryptoKitties (Yes, Cute Little Cartoon Cats) on the Blockchain! and CryptoCopycats - digital collectibles secured on a distributed public databases w/ crypto hashes. Are CryptoPuppies the new CryptoKitties? Learn by Example from the Real World (Anno 2017) - Buy! Sell! Hodl! Sire!

    Solidity 395 141 Built by @geraldb @Hero-Tavern @pylyf
  4. Oraclize API for Ethereum smart contracts

    Solidity 394 227 Built by @bertani @AdamJLemmon @D-Nice @gskapka @nya1
  5. Official reference implementation for aragonOS

    Solidity 356 127 Built by @izqui @bingen @sohkai @onbjerg @cpurta
  6. Code examples showing how to use the Oraclize API on Ethereum

    Solidity 274 83 Built by @gskapka @bertani @D-Nice @marcogiglio @riccardopersiani
  7. A compilation of patterns and best practices for the smart contract programming language Solidity

    Solidity 201 30 Built by @fravoll @dawsbot @ColdDevil
  8. Ethereum Payment Channel in 50 lines of code

    Solidity 176 52 Built by @mattdf @ShubhamTatvamasi
  9. A space for the community to interact and exchange ideas on ZeppelinOS - do not meant for production use!

    Solidity 155 36 Built by @facuspagnuolo @maraoz @frangio @fiiiu @spalladino
  10. Collection of smart contracts for the Gnosis prediction market platform.

    Solidity 125 42 Built by @cag @Georgi87 @collinc97 @greenkeeper @InfiniteStyles
  11. DAICO is an innovative fundraising model that merges some of the benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), aimed at upgrading and making the initial ICO concept more transparent.

    Solidity 90 39 Built by @slivlen
  12. ERC721x is an extension of ERC721 that adds support for multi-fungible tokens and batch transfers, while being fully backward-compatible.

    Solidity 89 18 Built by @gakonst @lukezhangstudio @wighawag @andreipope @PhABC
  13. The Responsible Initial Coin Offering Framework

    Solidity 83 15 Built by @syrohei @mesqueeb @mituoh @hiroingk @takashi
  14. ⏣ Solidity Contracts for the Decentraland MANA Token

    Solidity 82 28 Built by @federicobond @maraoz @eordano @fmiras @abarmat
  15. Tokens, Tokens, Tokens

    Solidity 78 68 Built by @bokkypoobah
  16. Kleros smart contracts

    Solidity 62 20 Built by @epiqueras @clesaege @ferittuncer @n1c01a5 @satello
  17. On-chain interpreter for WebAssembly written in Solidity

    Solidity 61 14 Built by @mrsmkl @hswick @bloodstalker @rbharath
  18. Gas-Efficient Solidity DateTime Library

    Solidity 57 10 Built by @bokkypoobah
  19. Contract for LAND

    Solidity 57 20 Built by @eordano @abarmat @NicoSantangelo @nachomazzara @Alonzo-Coeus
  20. Flash lending smart contracts

    Solidity 52 9 Built by @richmcateer @mykelp @yamarkz @BrendanChou @maxwolff
  21. A collection of Solidity libraries for building secure and gas-efficient smart contracts on Ethereum.

    Solidity 50 5 Built by @dmdque
  22. Solidity 50 13 Built by @NoahHydro @AndyHydro @NoahZinsmeister @matthewrkane
  23. Simple clone contract factory

    Solidity 49 11 Built by @yarrumretep @flygoing @lsaether
  24. Partial implementation of the Ethereum runtime in Solidity (PoC)

    Solidity 45 12 Built by @johannbarbie @troggy @pinkiebell @thomashin @vyomshm
  25. Smart contracts able to interact with Kleros

    Solidity 44 31 Built by @clesaege @mtsalenc @n1c01a5 @ferittuncer @epiqueras
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