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  1. Implementation of B-Splines in Stan

    Stan 32 8 Built by @milkha @bob-carpenter
  2. State space models (dynamic linear models, hidden Markov models) implemented in Stan.

    Stan 31 9 Built by @jrnold
  3. 🚫 ↩️ A document that introduces Bayesian data analysis.

    Stan 28 6 Built by @m-clark @vmikk
  4. Samples for tjo.hatenablog

    Stan 28 82 Built by @ozt-ca
  5. Applied time series analysis in R with Stan. Allows fast Bayesian fitting of multivariate time-series models.

    Stan 21 4 Built by @eric-ward @eeholmes
  6. Conditional autoregressive models in Stan

    Stan 21 10 Built by @mbjoseph
  7. StanCon2018 Helsinki Tutorial

    Stan 15 9 Built by @jgabry @peranti
  8. MTH225 Statistics for Science Spring 2016

    Stan 13 4 Built by @equinn1
  9. Slides and assignments for an introductory course in hierarchical Bayesian modeling

    Stan 11 2 Built by @mbjoseph @westutz
  10. Materials for BioC-2016 workshop entitled "Introduction to Bayesian Inference using Stan with Applications to Cancer Genomics"

    Stan 8 6 Built by @jburos @rleonid
  11. streamMetabolizer uses inverse modeling to estimate aquatic metabolism (photosynthesis and respiration) from time series data on dissolved oxygen, water temperature, depth, and light.

    Stan 8 10 Built by @aappling-usgs @jread-usgs @appling @Arroita @ldecicco-USGS
  12. Stan 7 4 Built by @rtrangucci
  13. Various models of heterogeneous treatment effects

    Stan 5
  14. A workshop on using Stan with R.

    Stan 5 2 Built by @m-clark
  15. Stan 5 2 Built by @tare
  16. Bayesian hierarchical models for estimating spatial and temporal patterns in vegetation phenology from Landsat time series

    Stan 4 2 Built by @corneliussenf
  17. Learning rstan: R Interface to Stan

    Stan 4 1 Built by @Emaasit
  18. DynBayes

    Stan 3 1 Built by @hhau
  19. Stan 3 1 Built by @jrnold
  20. Practice Stan with simple POPPK models and virtual data

    Stan 3 Built by @yoshidk6
  21. An analysis of Vision Zero Policies

    Stan 2 1 Built by @jauerbach @rtrangucci
  22. Models for analyzing network data in which informant reports may be in conflict

    Stan 2 1 Built by @rmcelreath
  23. Bayesian change point detection with R and Stan

    Stan 2 Built by @gmodena
  24. Reanalysis of Carney, Cuddy, and Yap 2010 data on power posing.

    Stan 2 2 Built by @vasishth
  25. Stan 2 Built by @pourzanj
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