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  1. 好耶 是女装

    Standard ML 1,546 186 Built by @AkechiSatori @komeiji-satori @zh99998 @hanayashiki @soruly
  2. Haskell Research Compiler

    Standard ML 782 36 Built by @DrTodd13 @btlewis @master-q @ninegua
  3. Verified Windows, OSX, Linux TrueCrypt v. 7.1a binaries and source files

    Standard ML 763 258
  4. The Ur/Web programming language

    Standard ML 552 47 Built by @achlipala @vizziv @grwlf @lightquake @ashalkhakov
  5. The MLton repository

    Standard ML 435 83 Built by @MatthewFluet @sweeks @terpstra @manan30 @jasoncarr0
  6. CakeML: A Verified Implementation of ML

    Standard ML 429 41 Built by @xrchz @myreen @SOwens @tanyongkiam @mn200
  7. Globally orientated citizenship with private passport services using available cryptographic tools

    Standard ML 391 72 Built by @MrChrisJ @m0se @JackScottie @jonathancross @WilliamDunne
  8. sources

    Standard ML 296 296 Built by @Seldaek @igorw @johnstevenson @naderman @padraic
  9. Canonical sources for HOL4 theorem-proving system. Branch master is where "mainline development" occurs.

    Standard ML 255 55 Built by @mn200 @konrad-slind @xrchz @thtuerk @MichaelJCGordon
  10. Moscow ML is a light-weight implementation of Standard ML (SML), a strict functional language widely used in teaching and research.

    Standard ML 215 27 Built by @sestoft @kfl @const-rs @dcurrie @Eckankar
  11. A public database for software and firmware hashes

    Standard ML 215 21 Built by @rootkovska @ypid
  12. Poly/ML

    Standard ML 197 21 Built by @dcjm @jrtc27 @Smattr @iislucas @eatonphil
  13. The People's Refinement Logic

    Standard ML 173 16 Built by @jonsterling @favonia @cangiuli @wilcoxjay @ecavallo
  14. Project materials related to logic programming for interactive/reactive systems.

    Standard ML 165 12 Built by @chrisamaphone @robsimmons @markfarrell @Johnicholas
  15. Low-level Lisp with compile-time memory management

    Standard ML 164 1 Built by @eudoxia0
  16. The HOL Light theorem prover (moved from Google code)

    Standard ML 147 32 Built by @jrh13 @hendriktews @PetrosPapapa @monadius @asr
  17. Passive Real-time Asset Detection System

    Standard ML 145 39 Built by @comotion @gamelinux @madmac2501 @alandekok @KristianLyng
  18. MLWorks is a Standard ML compiler and development environment.

    Standard ML 138 16 Built by @rptb1 @NickBarnes @waywardmonkeys
  19. Standard ML Compiler and Toolkit

    Standard ML 122 16 Built by @melsman @nhallenberg @kfl @eldesh @rrnewton
  20. Compute and compare MinHash signatures for DNA data sets.

    Standard ML 121 27 Built by @ctb @luizirber @lgautier @betatim @connor-reid-tiffany
  21. Proof of concept: let's audit npm!

    Standard ML 114 1 Built by @eirslett @j-f1
  22. Library and Toolkit for Standard ML

    Standard ML 111 5 Built by @eatonphil @DanielRosenwasser @tkob
  23. An proof refinement logic for computational type theory based on realizability & the verificationist meaning explanation. Inspired by Nuprl. [For up-to-date development, see JonPRL's successor, Red JonPRL:]

    Standard ML 103 10 Built by @jonsterling @jozefg @freebroccolo @vrahli @david-christiansen
  24. APL Compiler targeting a typed array intermediate language

    Standard ML 98 6 Built by @melsman @dybber @mbudde
  25. MLton with Realtime GC and Threading features

    Standard ML 95 3 Built by @sweeks @MatthewFluet @terpstra @laurikari @bleibig
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