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  1. 我的各类笔记(~ 至 2016.12)

    Stata 188 67 Built by @wdxtub
  2. Replication of tables and figures from "Mostly Harmless Econometrics" in Stata, R, Python and Julia.

    Stata 150 84 Built by @vikjam @Shunsuke-Hori
  3. Stata commands designed for Impact Evaluations in particular, but also data work in general

    Stata 72 20 Built by @kbjarkefur @luizaandrade @mrimal @bbdaniels @pythagoraswitch
  4. Linear, IV and GMM Regressions With Any Number of Fixed Effects

    Stata 61 18 Built by @sergiocorreia
  5. Stata 60 35 Built by @klosins @vikas84bf
  6. Stata Commands for Data Management and Analysis

    Stata 56 32 Built by @bbdaniels @kbjarkefur @annak322 @roshni13khincha @shivang-14
  7. PARALLEL: Stata module for parallel computing

    Stata 45 12 Built by @bquistorff @gvegayon @reallinfo @epkugelmass
  8. Repository for data / data processing related to The Atlas

    Stata 42 29 Built by @romsson
  9. Faster implementation of Stata's collapse, egen, xtile, isid, and more using C plugins

    Stata 38 11 Built by @mcaceresb
  10. Stata 38 19 Built by @Scotchester @josephremy
  11. A literate programming package for Stata which develops dynamic documents, slides, and help files in various formats

    Stata 36 15 Built by @haghish @mronkko
  12. This is the Stata cookbook for “Introduction to Data Science” in the M.Sc. Public Policy & Human Development.

    Stata 36 19 Built by @lfkrebs
  13. Fast Stata commands for large datasets

    Stata 36 11 Built by @sergiocorreia
  14. For use in Stata workshops and intensives

    Stata 25 15 Built by @isabellemcohen @ck37 @henchc
  15. a module for building, searching, installing, and managing Stata packages from GitHub

    Stata 25 6 Built by @haghish
  16. An economic analysis of the potential effects on the trucking labor market from self-driving trucks.

    Stata 22 3 Built by @aldenwoodrow
  17. IPA learning resources for GitHub

    Stata 22 9 Built by @matthew-white @hdiamondpollock
  18. Social network analysis in Stata

    Stata 21 11 Built by @ThomasGrund @pgrund
  19. 6 Axis Open Source Electronics for BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer.

    Stata 21 20 Built by @guillemavila @kitusmark
  20. 8-bit PIC programmer built around AVR/Arduino platform. Just because I can.

    Stata 20 6 Built by @jaromir-sukuba
  21. Stata module to generate binned scatterplots —

    Stata 20 8 Built by @michaelstepner
  22. Seamless interactive R in Stata. rcall allows communicating data sets, matrices, variables, and scalars between Stata and R conveniently

    Stata 20 11 Built by @haghish @econwang
  23. Stata Program for Automated Exploratory Data Analysis program

    Stata 19 10 Built by @wbuchanan
  24. A Stata template for running high frequency checks of incoming research data at Innovations for Poverty Action

    Stata 18 14 Built by @boyercb @rsandino @catonbrewster @iabaako @kelseylarson
  25. A set of tools to make it easier to create complicated LaTeX tables from Stata

    Stata 18 5 Built by @paulnov
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