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  1. The MacPorts ports tree

    Tcl 469 468 Built by @ryandesign @dbevans @jmroot @jeremyhu @stromnov
  2. Password Gorilla manages passwords

    Tcl 376 54 Built by @rich123 @zdia @ajraymond @FlorentFlament @shoden
  3. Like Awk, but with SQL and table joins

    Tcl 214 8 Built by @dbohdan @danmbox @sebres
  4. The MacPorts command-line client

    Tcl 203 76 Built by @jmroot @raimue @neverpanic @jdberry @tobypeterson
  5. Pretty REST API docs authored in Markdown

    Tcl 202 35 Built by @trentm @kodemaniak
  6. Client-side package and programs for forwarding ADS-B data to FlightAware

    Tcl 197 43 Built by @mutability @lehenbauer @dbaker @brookst @toofishes
  7. CodeReview is a Git GUI tool to perform code review (Diff Viewer) written in Python3 and Qt5.

    Tcl 183 33 Built by @FabriceSalvaire
  8. Support for Rocket Chip on Zynq FPGAs

    Tcl 178 112 Built by @sbeamer @sagark @zhemao @davidbiancolin @xfguo
  9. DRAKON Editor

    Tcl 173 35 Built by @stepan-mitkin @vasili111 @ylluminarious @vasil-sd
  10. Integrated Multiprotocol Network Emulator/Simulator

    Tcl 164 32 Built by @denisSal @oikuda @gcetusic @gornjas @mmikuc
  11. XSS exploitation tool - access victims through HTTP proxy

    Tcl 135 19 Built by @koto
  12. Sguil client for NSM

    Tcl 118 54 Built by @bammv @mephux @inliniac @SgtMalicious @weslambert
  13. Environment Modules: provides dynamic modification of a user's environment

    Tcl 114 27 Built by @xdelaruelle @rkowen @jsynacek @bertwesarg @cmarqu
  14. Easily control entire docker-machine based clusters from the command-line.

    Tcl 111 6 Built by @efrecon
  15. Tcl 110 42 Built by @wowi1968 @eq-3-hmip @hobbyquaker @helje5 @litti
  16. Xilinx Tcl Store

    Tcl 109 110 Built by @rajklair @dpefour @binochotta @dbmccrohan @ncimino
  17. A CSGO server launcher, one-click install & run

    Tcl 106 14 Built by @lenosisnickerboa @jayderfranca
  18. Tcl 89 32 Built by @ellson @danielbaak
  19. Ruby implementation of Redis server and client protocol in EventMachine with Synchrony support.

    Tcl 89 9 Built by @AE9RB @fronx
  20. Athena Regional Stability Simulation

    Tcl 84 10 Built by @jplwill
  21. optimize academic pdfs for e-readers

    Tcl 80 8 Built by @adasilva @jasongullifer @monkeypuzzler @avichalp
  22. Bigdis - a file-based KV store speaking the Redis protocol

    Tcl 72 11 Built by @antirez
  23. Simplicity is a blockchain programming language designed as an alternative to Bitcoin script.

  24. Tcl 71 53 Built by @tom21091 @artvvb @sbobrowicz @SamKLowe @MonicaIgnat
  25. Linux device tree generator for the Xilinx SDK (Vivado > 2014.1)

    Tcl 70 89 Built by @jason--wu @vabbarap @michalsimek @wjliang @rajanv-xilinx
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