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  1. network multiplexing and framing protocol for RPC

    Thrift 1,014 111 Built by @jcorbin @Raynos @prashantv @ShanniLi @junchaowu
  2. Thrift: The Missing Guide

    Thrift 132 29 Built by @diwakergupta @sagemintblue @knuton @burnettk @technosophos
  3. Tools for working with parquet, impala, and hive

    Thrift 110 20 Built by @colinmarc @jocelyn-stripe @DanielleSucher @thairu @thairu-stripe
  4. Thrift IDL files for the Evernote Cloud API

    Thrift 92 29 Built by @akhaku @iafan @dragonfax @mgsxx
  5. It is work of Matti Virkkunen, link to for latest update.

    Thrift 79 24 Built by @mvirkkunen
  6. C++ native client for Impala and Hive, with Python / pandas bindings

    Thrift 69 19 Built by @wesm @twmarshall @mjacobs @tebeka @timarmstrong
  7. an impala client for ruby

    Thrift 33 22 Built by @colinmarc @komamitsu @jmeagher @avi-stripe @saulius
  8. Zipkin's language independent model and HTTP Api Definitions

    Thrift 31 17 Built by @adriancole @mohsen1 @abesto @basvanbeek @bplotnick
  9. Optimizing compilation times of Generated Code with Templates

    Thrift 25 3 Built by @eduardo-elizondo
  10. Hive client using the Apache Thrift RPC system

    Thrift 24 9 Built by @wdavidw @mhammerc @itsmeravitejak
  11. Node Client for Impala using Apache Thrift

    Thrift 24 10 Built by @ufukomer @ofrebourg @harunurhan
  12. Java client to connect directly to Impala using thrift

    Thrift 23 25 Built by @pauldeschacht @jqueguiner
  13. Line Application Source

    Thrift 21 9 Built by @GoogleX133
  14. Go Thrift-Hive client

    Thrift 19 4 Built by @araddon
  15. A golang driver for impala via thrift

    Thrift 16 11 Built by @koblas @noahhl @alileza
  16. A set of shared data model definitions used by Jaeger components.

    Thrift 16 18 Built by @black-adder @yurishkuro @badiib @pavolloffay @isaachier
  17. LINE Messaging's private protocol

    Thrift 15 11 Built by @fadhiilrachman
  18. A gradle plugin that enables it to handle .thrift idl files and generate them with Thrift or Scrooge

    Thrift 13 7 Built by @dkesler @cwildman
  19. Thrift definitions, making HLT data specifications concrete

    Thrift 11 2 Built by @charman @fmof @twolfe18 @vandurme @cjmay
  20. Thrift API for Xiaomi Structured Datastore Service

    Thrift 10 7 Built by @lshangq @llhe @kevinontheway
  21. line2slack Next Generation

    Thrift 7 5 Built by @f0reachARR
  22. facebook日志收集 Scribe的Go语言客户端

    Thrift 6 3 Built by @cloudaice
  23. Higher-order contract monitoring for modern services

    Thrift 6 Built by @wayetender
  24. Thrift 5 2 Built by @fauzanardh @arisawali2014
  25. impala client example

    Thrift 4 10 Built by @terry-chelsea
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