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  1. writing correct lock-free and distributed stateful systems in Rust, assisted by TLA+

    TLA 718 8 Built by @spacejam
  2. A collection of TLA+ specifications of varying complexities

    TLA 369 60 Built by @muenchnerkindl @lemmy @banhday @quicquid @parlarjb
  3. Dr. TLA+ series

    TLA 317 38 Built by @zfhuang99 @lemmy @shuaimu @heidi-ann
  4. TLA+ specification for the Raft consensus algorithm

    TLA 154 32 Built by @ongardie
  5. TLA 70 13 Built by @foreverbell @queenypingcap @cwen0 @lamxTyler @c4pt0r
  6. Source Code for 'Practical TLA+' by Hillel Wayne

    TLA 51 8 Built by @hwayne @MarkP88
  7. Azure Cosmos TLA+ specifications

    TLA 36 3 Built by @dharmas-cosmos @microsoftopensource @christopheranderson @msftgits @CosmosDB
  8. TLA+ specification of the Kafka replication protocol

    TLA 35 5 Built by @hachikuji
  9. Pluscal/TLA+ modeling of distributed systems/protocols

    TLA 16 10 Built by @muratdem
  10. TLA 16 7 Built by @AthrunArthur @fbzhong @royshang @uynarud @nebulashub
  11. TLA+ Spec of a simplified part of MongoDB replication system

    TLA 14 2 Built by @visualzhou
  12. TLA+ specification of FPaxos

    TLA 13 Built by @heidi-ann
  13. TLA 12 4 Built by @parlarjb
  14. A collection of useful TLA+ operators

    TLA 11 2 Built by @hwayne
  15. TLA 10 2 Built by @siddontang
  16. Miscellaneous TLA+ specifications

    TLA 9 Built by @ahelwer
  17. A TLA+ module for animating TLC traces.

    TLA 9 Built by @will62794
  18. TLA+ specification for the Raft consensus algorithm

    TLA 9 32 Built by @ongardie @jinlmsft
  19. Reading the linearizability paper with TLA+

    TLA 7 Built by @lorin
  20. Network layer for MPC (Secure Multi-Party Computation) protocols

    TLA 7 1 Built by @omershlo
  21. Tests with PlusCal / TLA+

  22. This is the example model described in the paper S. Resch and M. Paulitsch, "Using TLA+ in the Development of a Safety-Critical Fault-Tolerant Middleware," 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering Workshops (ISSREW), Toulouse, France, 2017, pp. 146-152.

    TLA 6 Built by @stresch
  23. TLA+ specification for the Raft consensus algorithm (with Pre-Vote)

    TLA 5 2 Built by @ongardie @jinlmsft @irfansharif
  24. TLA+ description for the CAS-Paxos algorithm

    TLA 5 2 Built by @tbg
  25. A TLA+ formalization of the algorithm described in "Paxos Made Simple"

    TLA 5 1 Built by @nano-o
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