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  1. The Ur/Web People Organizer

    UrWeb 15 10 Built by @achlipala @vizziv @MarkoSchuetz @AlexanderAA
  2. bbs written in Ur/Web

    UrWeb 11 1 Built by @tca
  3. Stable and fast imageboard written in Ur/Web

    UrWeb 9 Built by @steinuil
  4. WIP: Presentation turned blog series: Building the simplest possible thing over and over again.

    UrWeb 9 Built by @sheganinans
  5. Web application for course on Formal Reasoning About Programs

    UrWeb 7 Built by @achlipala
  6. UrWeb 4 2 Built by @grwlf
  7. Interfaces to common web APIs

    UrWeb 4 3 Built by @achlipala
  8. Ur/web chatroom

    UrWeb 3 Built by @proger
  9. Secret Hitler implemented with Ur/Web

    UrWeb 3 Built by @sheganinans
  10. UPO extensions for MIT

    UrWeb 2 Built by @achlipala
  11. UrWeb 2 2 Built by @grwlf
  12. Ur/Web regular expression library

    UrWeb 2 2 Built by @bbarenblat
  13. Small but useful Ur things ...

    UrWeb 2 Built by @fullreset
  14. Useful Ur/Web functions.

    UrWeb 2 2 Built by @vizziv
  15. Upload files in Ur/Web without forcing page reloads

    UrWeb 2 Built by @achlipala
  16. Sorted and Hashed versions of Sets and Dictionaries as Arne Anderson trees in urweb.

    UrWeb 2 Built by @griba2001
  17. Collection of basic combinators for Ur/Web, inspired by Haskell's Prelude library

    UrWeb 2 2 Built by @grwlf
  18. A Ur/Web timesheet web application

    UrWeb 1 1 Built by @saulo2
  19. Ur/Web binding to Google's Material Design Lite

    UrWeb 1 Built by @eranmeir
  20. UrWeb 1 Built by @FrigoEU
  21. A tiny browser-based adventure game written in Ur/Web.

    UrWeb 1 Built by @mirohs
  22. wiki software written in Ur/Web

    UrWeb 1 Built by @bbarenblat
  23. Ur/Web Markdown parser

    UrWeb 1 Built by @bbarenblat
  24. UrWeb 1 Built by @karsar
  25. UrWeb 1 Built by @grwlf
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