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  1. CHIP-8 console on FPGA

    Verilog 119 3 Built by @pwmarcz 48 stars today
  2. MNT VA2000, an Open Source Amiga 2/3/4000 Graphics Card (Zorro II/III), written in Verilog

    Verilog 872 39 Built by @mntmn @stephanIOA @jlandheer
  3. PicoRV32 - A Size-Optimized RISC-V CPU

    Verilog 708 171 Built by @cliffordwolf @wallclimber21 @olofk @frantony @emilio93
  4. RTL, Cmodel, and testbench for NVDLA

    Verilog 649 239 Built by @zdraw @jwise @shallyou @nvdsmith @xalogic-linus
  5. opensouce RISC-V implemented from scratch in one night!

    Verilog 521 35 Built by @samsoniuk @erjanmx @phuclv90
  6. The Ultra-Low Power RISC Core

    Verilog 510 203 Built by @SI-RISCV @zhenbohu @myron2009
  7. An open source GPU based off of the AMD Southern Islands ISA.

    Verilog 487 122 Built by @zwabbit @d1duarte @vinaygangadhar @stanso @tchamberlain71
  8. Silicon proven Verilog library for IC and FPGA designers

    Verilog 404 137 Built by @aolofsson @olajep @peteasa @plindstroem @wasserfuhr
  9. HDL libraries and projects

    Verilog 308 567 Built by @rkutty @Csomi @acostina @larsclausen @AndreiGrozav
  10. A small, light weight, RISC CPU soft core

    Verilog 258 25 Built by @ZipCPU @foobar2016
  11. MIPS CPU implemented in Verilog

    Verilog 248 105 Built by @jmahler @ppisa
  12. mor1kx - an OpenRISC 1000 processor IP core

    Verilog 228 97 Built by @skristiansson @juliusbaxter @wallento @olofk @enjoy-digital
  13. 🌟 IceZUM Alhambra: an Arduino-like Open FPGA electronic board

    Verilog 226 67 Built by @Obijuan @AntonioMR @Jesus89 @adumont
  14. A litecoin scrypt miner implemented with FPGA on-chip memory.

    Verilog 218 103 Built by @kramble @C-Elegans
  15. Aprender a diseñar sistemas digitales sintetizables en FPGAs usando SOLO herramientas libres #verilog #icestorm #lattice #Linux

    Verilog 190 78 Built by @Obijuan @Testato @mattvenn @Jesus89 @ZioGuillo
  16. NetFPGA 1G infrastructure and gateware

    Verilog 189 104 Built by @grg @ericklo @divinekumar @rkerur @eastzone
  17. Documenting the Xilinx 7-series bit-stream format.

    Verilog 184 19 Built by @JohnDMcMaster @cliffordwolf @kc8apf @mcmasterg @litghost
  18. High performance motor control

    Verilog 184 76 Built by @madcowswe @jtmorris245
  19. Verilog Ethernet components

    Verilog 183 62 Built by @alexforencich
  20. VHDL implementation of the RISC-V System-on-Chip based on bare "Rocket Chip".

    Verilog 172 43 Built by @sergeykhbr @denisnefedov @vepr-y @jrrk @mateoconlechuga
  21. An open source library for image processing on FPGA.

    Verilog 169 92 Built by @dtysky
  22. Open source implementation of a x86 processor

    Verilog 159 47 Built by @marmolejo @sirchuckalot @ys05 @oppernerd @AlteraFreak
  23. RISC-V Formal Verification Framework

    Verilog 153 12 Built by @cliffordwolf @Dolu1990 @tomverbeure @yx9527
  24. The Easy 8-bit Processor

    Verilog 149 22 Built by @zhemao
  25. Repository for basic (and not so basic) Verilog blocks with high re-use potential

    Verilog 147 58 Built by @seldridge
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