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  1. A TypeScript to WebAssembly compiler 🚀

    WebAssembly 3,281 140 Built by @dcodeIO @MaxGraey @alangpierce @andy-hanson @LinusU 14 stars today
  2. GXChain code

    WebAssembly 199 71 Built by @zhuliting @liukunyu @tututt @zi-cai @xzshinan
  3. Compiler infrastructure and toolchain library for WebAssembly, in C++

    WebAssembly 2,799 292 Built by @kripken @jfbastien @dschuff @sbc100 @dcodeIO
  4. WebAssembly specification, reference interpreter, and test suite.

    WebAssembly 1,566 183 Built by @rossberg @sunfishcode @lukewagner @binji @littledan
  5. WebAssembly Virtual Machine

    WebAssembly 678 72 Built by @AndrewScheidecker @icefox @PiotrSikora @syrusakbary @avsm
  6. wagon, a WebAssembly-based Go interpreter, for Go.

    WebAssembly 609 65 Built by @vibhavp @sbinet @dennwc @gballet @bkeroackdsc
  7. A library for encoding and decoding web audio as OggOpus.

    WebAssembly 499 983 Built by @chris-rudmin @ZachMoreno @mattdiamond @tomwidmer @princemaple
  8. A Haskell to WebAssembly compiler

    WebAssembly 430 12 Built by @TerrorJack @mboes @mrkkrp
  9. Code examples that accompany the MDN WebAssembly documentation — see

    WebAssembly 396 85 Built by @chrisdavidmills @lukewagner @Daniel-McCarthy @yurydelendik @kablaa
  10. WebAssembly(wasm)资源精选(拒绝大杂烩)

    WebAssembly 389 23 Built by @chai2010
  11. Haskell compiler infastructure for WebAssembly

    WebAssembly 357 15 Built by @sdiehl @faineance @dtseng123 @tonymorris
  12. 📚《C/C++面向WebAssembly编程》——Emscripten工程实践

    WebAssembly 317 16 Built by @3dgen @chai2010
  13. Gameboy / Gameboy Color Emulator written for Web Assembly using AssemblyScript. 🚀Shell/Debugger in Preact. ⚛️

    WebAssembly 309 12 Built by @torch2424 @dcodeIO @cheriejw @ISSOtm @Malax
  14. Standalone VM using LLVM JIT

    WebAssembly 249 18 Built by @AndrewScheidecker @icefox @PiotrSikora @syrusakbary @avsm
  15. WebAssembly 233 29 Built by @mbebenita @yurydelendik @rhmoller @mathiasbynens
  16. EOS开发文档

    WebAssembly 209 83 Built by @eoshackathon
  17. WebAssembly serialization/deserialization in rust

    WebAssembly 199 45 Built by @NikVolf @svyatonik @pepyakin @fckt @alexcrichton
  18. Branch of the spec repo scoped to discussion of GC integration in WebAssembly

    WebAssembly 153 13 Built by @rossberg @sunfishcode @lukewagner @jfbastien @pjuftring
  19. Threads and Atomics in WebAssembly

    WebAssembly 141 15 Built by @rossberg @sunfishcode @binji @lukewagner @flagxor
  20. Smart contracts that provide some of the basic functions of the EOSIO blockchain

    WebAssembly 130 86 Built by @arhag @zorba80 @moskvanaft @larryk85 @bytemaster
  21. Game Dapp Demo using EOS and React

    WebAssembly 113 24 Built by @PeterHuZQ
  22. WebAssembly 107 9 Built by @rossberg @sunfishcode @lukewagner @jfbastien @pjuftring
  23. Learning on block chain, step by step

    WebAssembly 94 98 Built by @shanlusun @AaronZgl
  24. An implementation of the Webassembly spec in Rust

    WebAssembly 92 2 Built by @Kimundi
  25. A bootstrapping dynamic Forth Interpreter/Compiler for WebAssembly

    WebAssembly 86 4 Built by @remko
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