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  1. Xojo code for implementing self-updating apps

    Xojo 27 17 Built by @ktekinay @ThreeState @vidalvanbergen @jcowgar
  2. Xojo 26 16 Built by @kingj5 @ktekinay @jkleroy @stretch327 @JasonTait
  3. Miscellaneous scripts that need a place to live....just let them live here.

    Xojo 25 8 Built by @rustymyers
  4. ¡PROJECT MOVED! Find the latest commmits at:

    Xojo 23 2 Built by @rustymyers
  5. Unit Testing framework for the Xojo programming language.

    Xojo 21 15 Built by @ktekinay @paullefebvre @philippec @philippec-ls @jcowgar
  6. Xojo Calendar and Time Chooser Picklist

    Xojo 20 9 Built by @IntelligentVisibility @jimmckay
  7. Module that brings legacy and additional functions to Xojo iOS

    Xojo 15 3 Built by @Mitchboo
  8. Code formatter written in XojoScript for Xojo

    Xojo 14 9 Built by @jcowgar @ktekinay
  9. An editor for the Beacons in Ark: Survival Evolved

    Xojo 14 1 Built by @thommcgrath
  10. MongoDB driver for Xojo.

    Xojo 14 6 Built by @alwyn1024 @jfdemers
  11. Parses command line parameters to your Xojo app.

    Xojo 14 4 Built by @ktekinay @jcowgar
  12. Xojo Dropbox API SDK

    Xojo 13 3 Built by @IntelligentVisibility
  13. AES, Blowfish, Bcrypt, and Scrypt for Xojo

    Xojo 13 7 Built by @ktekinay
  14. A library extending Xojo‘s macOs and iOS features – 64 bit and new framework compatible.

    Xojo 13 1 Built by @UBogun @rstolk
  15. ORM for SQLite and Xojo

    Xojo 12 2 Built by @paullefebvre
  16. A library extending Xojo's iOS feature by adding extension modules and classes.

    Xojo 12 3 Built by @UBogun
  17. A Xojo/python tool to ease annotation of sigma-factor and TF binding sites in bacterial genomes

    Xojo 10 Built by @nikolaichik @faultby @p-vychik @ulyaulyami
  18. A cross platform preferences class for Xojo using SQLite

    Xojo 10 1 Built by @CharlieXojo
  19. WinAPI Declare Library for use with Xojo

    Xojo 10 2 Built by @paullefebvre @JulianSamphire
  20. A REST client framework for Xojo

    Xojo 10 Built by @ktekinay
  21. A drop-in, faster replacement for the native Xojo JSONItem class

    Xojo 10 5 Built by @ktekinay @jcowgar
  22. Luna is an open source, Xojo-based framework for creating RESTful APIs.

    Xojo 9 4 Built by @timdietrich @joshbackstein
  23. A XojoScript editor

    Xojo 9 1 Built by @ktekinay @jcowgar
  24. 100+ functions to extend iOSControls design

    Xojo 9 2 Built by @jkleroy
  25. ORM is a object-relation-mapper for Xojo applications

    Xojo 9 4 Built by @arteymix @paulwillyjean @HeteMacmania
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