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  1. A demo application, implemented in the XPages runtime, with a Domino NoSQL database, for Java HttpServlets and front-end development practices.

    XPages 7 2 Built by @edm00se @gitter-badger
  2. IBM Notes teamroom application based upon graph data modelling

    XPages 1 Built by @PatrickKwinten
  3. XPages 1 Built by @csakis
  4. My first actual XPages app: my WoW guild's forum/raid-management app

    XPages 1 Built by @jesse-gallagher
  5. Auto Orientate Image Streams using embedded EXIF information.

    XPages Built by @spanky762
  6. XPages Built by @ubvp
  7. XPages Built by @avinashkaushik
  8. XPages Built by @avinashkaushik
  9. XPages Built by @AjitHogade
  10. demo on url references in xpages

    XPages Built by @PatrickKwinten
  11. short demo how to set use navigation path and selection properties in Application Layout control from EXTLIB

    XPages Built by @PatrickKwinten
  12. the demo app code from the ICON US 2016 session "Normalizing XPages Web Development" with Eric McCormick and Shean McManus

    XPages Built by @edm00se
  13. An IBM Notes TeamRoom XPages application prepared for deployment on IBM Bluemix

    XPages Built by @PatrickKwinten
  14. An XPages application to Capture, Organize and Manage your Contacts into IBM Notes

    XPages Built by @PatrickKwinten
  15. re-usable xpages components for IBM Connections

    XPages 1 Built by @PatrickKwinten @edm00se
  16. XPages 3 Built by @VinayKumarbrsoft @ryanjbaxter
  17. XPages Built by @bghester1972
  18. XPages 6 Built by @chemp7 @onoat @hkomine @GuyLocke @acchan
  19. Sample Domino applications for Tektek Lotus HandsOn

    XPages 14 Built by @hkomine @AyakoEnomoto @YoshikazuKaneko @mkuwa @YumiYokosuka
  20. ノーツコンソーシアムの2015年度XPages研究会の開発テーマである「家計簿」アプリケーションのレポジトリです。

    XPages 3 Built by @comtureShoji @mkuwa @acchan @kuwayama @GuyLocke
  21. ノーツコンソーシアムの2015年度XPages研究会の開発テーマである「家計簿」アプリケーションのレポジトリです。

    XPages 3 Built by @comtureShoji @mkuwa @acchan @kuwayama @GuyLocke
  22. My XPages Extension Library Code with the mobile simulator XPage and Ext. Lib. mobile controls

    XPages 1 Built by @DonMottolo
  23. Sample applications for XPages

    XPages 2 Built by @hkomine @xikeyama
  24. XPages
  25. XPages
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