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  1. Deployment tool for MarkLogic applications. Also provides optional unit test and XQuery MVC structure

    XQuery 81 73 Built by @dmcassel @grtjn @paxtonhare @RobertSzkutak @rhdunn
  2. Convert marc to BIBFRAME 1.0 - see lcnetdev/marc2bibframe2 for current release

    XQuery 65 23 Built by @ntra00 @kefo @kirkhess @ajs6f @danizen
  3. A data hub framework for MarkLogic. Start here =>

    XQuery 56 67 Built by @paxtonhare @grechaw @aebadirad @ayuwono @dmcassel
  4. An XQuery test framework for MarkLogic

    XQuery 52 25 Built by @robwhitby @mblakele @richardwilly98 @malteseduck @navdeepsekhon
  5. All the Stanford DB class exercises summarized together

    XQuery 42 32 Built by @yangchenyun
  6. Community REST API for MarkLogic

    XQuery 39 10 Built by @ryangrimm @eedeebee @dscape
  7. XQuery Commons

    XQuery 38 19 Built by @eedeebee @hunterhacker @ryanjdew @ryangrimm @grtjn
  8. XQuery API for RESTful Web Services. A RESTXQ Implementation for MarkLogic Server.

    XQuery 38 Built by @cfoster
  9. xquerydoc - generate XQuery API documentation from your source code comments

    XQuery 36 8 Built by @xquery @jpcs @apb2006 @rhdunn @garyvidal
  10. Exercises for the XQuery Workshops at XQuery at DH2017

    XQuery 32 7 Built by @CliffordAnderson @joewiz @lakonis
  11. JMdict and JMnedict in JSON format

    XQuery 30 5 Built by @scriptin @garybernhardt
  12. RXQ - provides a set of XQuery annotations which expose RESTful services in MarkLogic.

    XQuery 29 9 Built by @xquery @cfoster @robwhitby @joewiz @JamFuller
  13. Get things done with the MarkLogic Task Server

    XQuery 27 3 Built by @mblakele
  14. XQuery library module for updating XML in memory

    XQuery 24 4 Built by @ryanjdew @joewiz
  15. An implementation of the promise pattern, as well as fork-join async processing for XQuery 3.1

    XQuery 23 3 Built by @james-jw @LukasK @mgaerber
  16. XQuery and Java tools for working with semantic tuples stored in MarkLogic Server

    XQuery 22 7 Built by @eedeebee
  17. Higher-Order XQuery Modules

    XQuery 21 10 Built by @LeoWoerteler
  18. XML Canonical resources for Greek Literature

    XQuery 20 58 Built by @lcerrato @balmas @TDBuck @srdee @PonteIneptique
  19. An XQuery module with functions for parsing and serializing JSON

    XQuery 20 7 Built by @joewiz @adamretter @peterstadler @ljo @Albicocca
  20. Minimal templating with {{mustache}} in XQuery

    XQuery 20 9 Built by @dscape
  21. Reference implementation of FOXpath 3.0, an extended version of XPath 3.0 supporting file system navigation.

    XQuery 20 Built by @hrennau
  22. dbclass homework

    XQuery 18 19 Built by @sumeetsk
  23. Reference Implementation of InfoManager actor in Care Services Discovery (CSD)

    XQuery 18 8 Built by @litlfred @ashaban @citizenrich @rcrichton @hnnesv
  24. XQuery 3.0 higher order functions helper library

    XQuery 17 1 Built by @jpcs
  25. Pronounced "Squirrel" - An XQuery based rails framework for rapid application development

    XQuery 17 7 Built by @garyvidal @xquery @tianxchen
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