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  1. write filesystems in Perl using FUSE

    XS 28 15 Built by @demonfoo @dpavlin @frett @isync @ALPHA-60
  2. Perl interface to OpenSSL's X509 module.

    XS 19 25 Built by @dsully @jonasbn @0xxon @kmx @brandond
  3. perl library for generating universally unique identifiers

    XS 13 19 Built by @rjbs @rafl @vpit @Hugmeir @Flimm
  4. Location for the LSF Perl Module to manipulate all things LSF

    XS 12 6 Built by @adamsla @PlatformLSF
  5. Perl interface to OpenSSL's PKCS module.

    XS 8 12 Built by @jonasbn @dsully @mans0954 @kelson42 @Songmu
  6. Perl module for lexical variable introspection

    XS 8 5 Built by @robinhouston @rafl @ilmari @gfx @nothingmuch
  7. Age of Empires 3 Improvement Mod Base

    XS 7 3 Built by @mandosrex
  8. Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries

    XS 6 1 Built by @tsch @cpanxaoc @kryde @intrigeri @ebassi
  9. Gtk2

    XS 5 2 Built by @tsch @kryde @cpanxaoc @squentin @ebassi
  10. Perl interface to the NSS library

    XS 5 3 Built by @0xxon @devd
  11. ⚡ Super fast html5 DOM library with css selectors (based on Modest/MyHTML)

    XS 4 1 Built by @Azq2
  12. Fast and correct UTF-8 IO

    XS 4 Built by @Leont @chansen
  13. help install gumbo parser for perl modules to use

    XS 3 6 Built by @ruz @alexmv @neilb @manwar
  14. XS 3 Built by @rehsack @rsrchboy @ppisar
  15. Perl bindings to the HDF5 data storage library

    XS 3 Built by @jvolkening
  16. Perl interface to the (deprecated) netCDF 2 API

    XS 2 1 Built by @oxelson
  17. XS 2 1 Built by @sisyphus
  18. Project folder for CSE291

    XS 2 Built by @chenchenece
  19. Perl extension for RocksDB

    XS 2 Built by @spiritloose
  20. Perl Interface to NATS Streaming Message System

    XS 2 Built by @sergeykolychev
  21. Gtk2::Unique

    XS 2 1 Built by @potyl
  22. XS 2 1 Built by @julioppgca
  23. OBS solver and repository management using libsolv

    XS 2 9 Built by @mlschroe @adrianschroeter @myungjoo @Conan-Kudo @bugfinder
  24. XS Enhancements for Test::Stream

    XS 2 Built by @exodist
  25. O(1) multiplexing for linux

    XS 1 Built by @Leont
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