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  1. Xtendroid is a DSL (domain-specific language) for Android that greatly reduces boilerplate code while providing great tooling support

    Xtend 246 24 Built by @Buggaboo @tobykurien @xfer @oehme @maannajjar
  2. My complete home automation setup as configured in openHAB 🏠💡🎚🤖

    Xtend 76 23 Built by @ThomDietrich @kolcun
  3. A framework for defining and transforming interfaces

    Xtend 70 41 Built by @kbirken @szabta89 @borisholzer @Vinayakatk @huibo-shi
  4. Android app to provide sandboxed (private) browsing of webapps

    Xtend 66 12 Built by @tobykurien @mueller-ma @fanthos @full-duplex @naofum
  5. Target Platform Definition DSL and Generator

    Xtend 64 29 Built by @mbarbero
  6. Eclipse "Oomph" setup models for OpenDaylight

    Xtend 49 6 Built by @vorburger @tpantelis
  7. An IDE for the JHipster Domain Language

    Xtend 48 15 Built by @colameo @jbadeau @pascalgrimaud @shaehnel
  8. An Xtext language and example usage of it built with Maven

    Xtend 47 24 Built by @dhuebner @vorburger @cdietrich @michael-schnell @svenefftinge
  9. Deprecated, please see the xtext-gradle-plugin instead

    Xtend 45 8 Built by @oehme @viphe @garyp @johnjohndoe
  10. JavaFX on steroids with Eclipse Xtend

    Xtend 44 17 Built by @tomsontom @dhuebner @pacher @svenefftinge @jmini
  11. mita

    Xtend 38 14 Built by @wegendt-bosch @tkutz @32leaves @rherrmannr @andreasmuelder
  12. Wollok Programming Language

    Xtend 35 15 Built by @fdodino @javierfernandes @tesonep @npasserini @PalumboN
  13. Gradle plugins for using Xtext and Xtend

    Xtend 34 15 Built by @oehme @franzbecker @cdietrich @svenefftinge @spoenemann
  14. edit the contents of bitcoin wallet files (add/remove keys, import/export in different formats, move keys between different wallets)

    Xtend 32 14 Built by @prof7bit @orthographic-pedant
  15. Android wrapper for the polipo proxy

    Xtend 32 13 Built by @splondike @Poussinou
  16. Provides commonly requested features that are too controversial for the Xtend core library

    Xtend 31 11 Built by @oehme @szarnekow @vladdu @rzymek
  17. This contains the examples for the book "Implementing Domain-Specific Languages with Xtext and Xtend, 2nd edition"

    Xtend 29 9 Built by @LorenzoBettini @Guite
  18. An Eclipse plugin for Typesafe Config files

    Xtend 22 5 Built by @dragos @mkurz @LupusUmbrae
  19. Transformation cartridges for generating Zikula modules and other artifacts from ModuleStudio models.

    Xtend 21 4 Built by @Guite @gfr @cmfcmf @drummer3333 @bitdeli-chef
  20. Sparkler is an attempt to bring developer-friendliness to Java web development by using Rails/Sinatra-style Java libraries/frameworks together with Xtend to provide syntactic sugar and other fun language features (like extension methods and lambdas).

    Xtend 20 5 Built by @tobykurien @corneil
  21. Some nice tools and Xtend extensions that make life with Xtend better

    Xtend 19 2 Built by @blueneogeo @elopezvalecky @szarnekow
  22. A set of Active Annotations for GWT.

    Xtend 18 8 Built by @akosyakov @oehme @arthurc @dhuebner @PerfectCarl
  23. Java to Xtend conversion

    Xtend 16 6 Built by @rzymek @gzsombor @rcodesmith
  24. SQL Developer extension to invoke dictionary driven code generators

    Xtend 16 4 Built by @PhilippSalvisberg
  25. 🔧 JavaScriptable shell

    Xtend 15 2 Built by @Namek
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