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  1. A Ruby parser.

    Yacc 1,017 141 Built by @whitequark @alexdowad @iliabylich @marcandre @mbj
  2. Open Source shooter Relic Hunters Zero

    Yacc 381 92 Built by @mventurelli @luizgama @leereilly @alexanderdrogin
  3. A parser for the SPARQL query language in JavaScript

    Yacc 190 35 Built by @RubenVerborgh @AlexeyMz @joachimvh @aindlq @QuarksToQuasars
  4. Material for the Creating a Compiler video lesson series.

    Yacc 171 8 Built by @bisqwit
  5. C++ extension for StarUML

    Yacc 75 42 Built by @toori67 @dongjoon1251 @niklauslee @overlord1123 @itschleemilch
  6. A simple example demonstrating a calculator written with flex/bison

    Yacc 68 29 Built by @meyerd @jcanabarro @scorpionhiccup @uprego
  7. TeXZilla, Unicode Javascript LaTeX-to-MathML converter

    Yacc 58 13 Built by @fred-wang @runarberg
  8. A functional utility library for GML - partials, map/reduce and more

    Yacc 54 6 Built by @twisterghost @thijsmie @trouvant @devito
  9. My ~/linux/ directory framework

    Yacc 54 7 Built by @gregkh @herlo
  10. Adds support for if-statements to PostCSS

    Yacc 51 6 Built by @andyjansson @RomanGotsiy @rtsao
  11. This is the source code for my Yacc/Bison screencast tutorial on YouTube.

    Yacc 42 36 Built by @jengelsma @kiros33
  12. C# extension for StarUML

    Yacc 42 38 Built by @dongjoon1251 @niklauslee
  13. a mysql sql parser

    Yacc 40 13 Built by @hoterran @yorickdewid
  14. Library to read DBC files of CAN bus networks

    Yacc 36 9 Built by @stephane @rsebille @quinao @cjkoenig
  15. LALR grammar and parser for Rust using flex and bison

    Yacc 32 10 Built by @bleibig @ptgreen @cmr @Arcnor
  16. Graph Convolutional Networks for Text Classification. AAAI 2019

    Yacc 30 12 Built by @yao8839836 @monk1337
  17. Yacc 27 7 Built by @rodrigomelo9 @ldoolitt
  18. Flex and bison sample code

    Yacc 20 14 Built by @mbbill @yangyinqi
  19. Pascal-to-JavaScript converter

    Yacc 20 7 Built by @bytbox
  20. XHP extension for PHP

    Yacc 18 Built by @laverdet @Swahvay @sgolemon @scottmac @fredemmott
  21. A GLSL 4.5 parser written in C with flex & bison

    Yacc 18 4 Built by @nnesse
  22. Build a Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi 3 in 64bit

    Yacc 17 11 Built by @DieterReuter @Magnitus- @olljanat
  23. Modern SQL parser using Bison (Yacc) and Flex

    Yacc 17 10 Built by @jgarzik
  24. DEPRECATED Tool to automatically scan for and configure wireless networks on OpenBSD

    Yacc 16 4 Built by @farhaven @spedru
  25. Yet Another VHDL tool

    Yacc 15 2 Built by @rqou @cyrozap
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