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  1. Demonstrate all the questions on LeetCode in the form of animation.(用动画的形式呈现解LeetCode题目的思路)

    C++ 4,735 433 Built by @MisterBooo 366 stars today
  2. An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

    C++ 116,813 70,609 Built by @tensorflower-gardener @caisq @benoitsteiner @vrv @gunan 83 stars today
  3. A C++ HTML document constructor only depending on the C++ standard library.

    C++ 114 12 Built by @tinfoilboy @stevensona @brucebob @MarkusKoehlerAI @natzim 65 stars today
  4. Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

    C++ 22,797 5,400 Built by @soumith @apaszke @ezyang @gchanan @Yangqing 51 stars today
  5. Real-time Monitoring and Analysis of Data Streams

    C++ 296 41 Built by @anuragkh @ujvl @neilgoldman @neilgiri @shaneknapp 42 stars today
  6. :electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

    C++ 67,705 8,821 Built by @zcbenz @kevinsawicki @deepak1556 @MarshallOfSound @zeke 33 stars today
  7. Tars is a highly performance rpc framework based on naming service using tars protocol and provides a semi-automatic operation platform.

    C++ 5,990 1,497 Built by @loveyacper @LawlietLi @meijing0114 @medns @helloopenworld 25 stars today
  8. Open Source Computer Vision Library

    C++ 30,312 21,669 Built by @alalek @vpisarev @ilya-lavrenov @jet47 @mshabunin 18 stars today
  9. A Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework

    C++ 3,662 305 Built by @thestr4ng3r @xarkes @hteso @fcasal @ballessay 26 stars today
  10. Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine (main repository)

    C++ 23,101 4,536 Built by @stweil @zdenop @egorpugin @theraysmith @Shreeshrii 24 stars today
  11. A Curated List of Game Network Programming Resources

    C++ 338 22 Built by @MFatihMAR @dzmitry-lahoda 24 stars today
  12. Distributed training framework for TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch.

    C++ 4,689 647 Built by @alsrgv @tgaddair @karakusc @rongou @jeevandev 22 stars today
  13. Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

    C++ 36,389 21,700 Built by @laanwj @sipa @MarcoFalke @gavinandresen @TheBlueMatt 17 stars today
  14. Desktop implementations of the Flutter embedding API

    C++ 2,452 138 Built by @stuartmorgan @awdavies @franciscojma86 @krisgiesing @xuexin 21 stars today
  15. Static analyzer for C/C++ based on the theory of Abstract Interpretation.

    C++ 822 47 Built by @arthaud 20 stars today
  16. Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format

    C++ 30,870 8,522 Built by @xfxyjwf @jskeet @liujisi @TeBoring @thomasvl 18 stars today
  17. C++ front/service proxy

    C++ 7,609 1,089 Built by @mattklein123 @htuch @alyssawilk @PiotrSikora @jmarantz 18 stars today
  18. Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

    C++ 12,899 1,756 Built by @ocornut @bkaradzic @septag @ParticlePeter @Loftilus 18 stars today
  19. 🔧 Cross-platform GUI management tool for Redis

    C++ 10,359 1,597 Built by @uglide @lamby @mrnom @iworker @dmagliola 17 stars today
  20. Provide ESP8266 based itead Sonoff with Web, MQTT and OTA firmware using Arduino IDE or PlatformIO

    C++ 5,014 1,153 Built by @arendst @ascillato @andrethomas @reloxx13 @mike2nl 16 stars today
  21. The Swift Programming Language

    C++ 46,075 7,320 Built by @swift-ci @DougGregor @slavapestov @lattner @gribozavr 16 stars today
  22. Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine

    C++ 18,235 3,727 Built by @akien-mga @reduz @neikeq @Naryosha @mhilbrunner 14 stars today
  23. OpenPose: Real-time multi-person keypoint detection library for body, face, hands, and foot estimation

    C++ 10,310 2,818 Built by @gineshidalgo99 @soulslicer @bikz05 @ZheC @bryant1410 13 stars today
  24. 📚 C/C++面试知识总结

    C++ 2,098 646 Built by @huihut @houbaron @gitter-badger @kelvinkuo 14 stars today
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