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  1. A strongly-typed language that compiles to Javascript

    Haskell 5,435 404 Built by @paf31 @garyb @hdgarrood @kRITZCREEK @joneshf 10 stars today
  2. Universal markup converter

    Haskell 14,150 1,598 Built by @jgm @jkr @link2xt @tarleb @mpickering 8 stars today
  3. Language, engine, and tooling for expressing, testing, and evaluating composable language rules on input strings.

    Haskell 2,116 329 Built by @patapizza @zliu41 @haoxuany @panagosg7 @Abdallatif 6 stars today
  4. ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts

    Haskell 13,433 678 Built by @koalaman @ngzhian @contivero @eatnumber1 @Dridi 6 stars today
  5. REST API for any Postgres database

    Haskell 11,748 528 Built by @begriffs @ruslantalpa @diogob @steve-chavez @adambaker 6 stars today
  6. A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications.

    Haskell 2,508 92 Built by @eriksvedang @hellerve @chrisosaurus @opqdonut @bagucode 5 stars today
  7. Produces ctags "tags" and etags "TAGS" files for Haskell programs

    Haskell 84 30 Built by @jhenahan @MarcWeber @marcotmarcot @lierdakil @tvestelind
  8. A Pandoc filter for including code from source files

    Haskell 47 7 Built by @owickstrom @nicolashery @btbytes @dotlambda
  9. The engine for haskell ide-integration. Not an IDE

    Haskell 1,411 151 Built by @alanz @bubba @wz1000 @cocreature @lorenzo
  10. Haskell Web Application Interface

    Haskell 508 182 Built by @snoyberg @kazu-yamamoto @gregwebs @awpr @sol
  11. Haskell here docs & interpolated strings via quasiquotation

    Haskell 43 11 Built by @tmhedberg @nwtgck @cocreature @bgamari @borsboom
  12. Ethereum fuzz testing framework

    Haskell 281 42 Built by @japesinator @blperez01 @ggrieco-tob @dguido @snd
  13. Low-level networking interface

    Haskell 190 126 Built by @kazu-yamamoto @tibbe @bos @eborden @igfoo
  14. Compiler for Elm, a functional language for reliable webapps.

    Haskell 4,980 391 Built by @process-bot @evancz @johnpmayer @maxsnew @xash
  15. A Haskell library that simplifies access to remote data, such as databases or web-based services.

    Haskell 3,429 276 Built by @simonmar @phadej @xich @watashi @algoriddle
  16. Cryptographic currency implementing Ouroboros PoS protocol

    Haskell 3,141 531 Built by @gromakovsky @volhovm @neongreen @sectore @Martoon-00
  17. The Haskell Tool Stack

    Haskell 2,965 665 Built by @snoyberg @borsboom @mgsloan @chrisdone @sjakobi
  18. Hybrid textual and visual functional programming.

    Haskell 2,729 69 Built by @wdanilo @kustosz @iamrecursion @piotrMocz @mikusp
  19. A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

    Haskell 2,702 604 Built by @edwinb @david-christiansen @melted @jfdm @raichoo
  20. Functional Programming Course

    Haskell 2,662 1,013 Built by @tonymorris @ajmcmiddlin @gwils @markhibberd @puffnfresh
  21. Functional Programming concepts, examples and patterns illustrated in Haskell, Ocaml and Python

    Haskell 2,421 138 Built by @caiorss @michael-sloma @cryptedp @qhfgva @patrikja
  22. Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. (

    Haskell 2,350 192 Built by @sdiehl @chsievers @mpickering @mseri @da-x
  23. The Eta Programming Language, a dialect of Haskell on the JVM

    Haskell 2,135 140 Built by @rahulmutt @Jyothsnasrinivas @jneira @psibi @puffnfresh
  24. Haskell to JavaScript compiler, based on GHC

    Haskell 2,079 153 Built by @luite @hamishmack @osa1 @sviperll @co-dan
  25. Mirror of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. Patches are best submitted to GHC's GitLab instance (, bugs and feature-requests are best filed to GHC's Trac (, or sent to the mailing list ( First time contributors are encouraged to get started by just sending a Pull Requ…

    Haskell 2,043 587 Built by @simonmar @simonpj @igfoo @bgamari @snowleopard
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