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  1. Bytecode rewriter that creates overloads of methods which vary only by return type.

    Kotlin 95 1 Built by @JakeWharton 85 stars today
  2. A shadowsocks client for Android

    Kotlin 19,570 8,071 Built by @madeye @Mygod @initrider @wongsyrone @AnyOfYou 19 stars today
  3. A minimal, beautiful screen recorder for Android.

    Kotlin 54 1 Built by @afollestad 19 stars today
  4. The Kotlin Programming Language

    Kotlin 25,629 2,955 Built by @udalov @goodwinnk @valentinkip @abreslav @pTalanov 16 stars today
  5. Sample implementation of Kotlin+Spring+GraphQL

    Kotlin 25 3 Built by @shiraji 14 stars today
  6. Android Wave Animation

    Kotlin 32 Built by @alexio 12 stars today
  7. Framework for quickly creating connected applications in Kotlin with minimal effort

    Kotlin 4,298 314 Built by @cy6erGn0m @orangy @e5l @soywiz @qwwdfsad 8 stars today
  8. An Android app which provides design news & inspiration as well as being an example of implementing material design.

    Kotlin 12,245 2,509 Built by @nickbutcher @florina-muntenescu @keyboardsurfer @tiembo @XinyueZ 8 stars today
  9. 🦄 Sourcerer app makes a visual profile from your GitHub and git repositories.

    Kotlin 3,636 94 Built by @anatolystansler @yaronskaya @asurkov @makrusak @sergey48k 8 stars today
  10. Free and open source manga reader for Android

    Kotlin 2,357 397 Built by @inorichi @NoodleMage @CarlosEsco @j2ghz @icanit 7 stars today
  11. 📖 The library for creating book and card flip animations in ViewPager in Android

    Kotlin 186 12 Built by @wajahatkarim3 7 stars today
  12. A gardening app illustrating Android development best practices with Android Jetpack.

    Kotlin 5,268 827 Built by @tiembo @XinyueZ @andhie @sagar-viradiya @chris-feldman 5 stars today
  13. Main UserLAnd Repository

    Kotlin 309 37 Built by @MatthewTighe @corbinlc @luongthomas @AndrewScibek @EnderNightLord-ChromeBook 5 stars today
  14. An android library which takes care of adding permission in manifest, asking permission at runtime, turning on location from settings if user allows, optimizing location settings if user allows, and finally gives the dev user's location via Location object. All this from a simple callback!

    Kotlin 31 2 Built by @mumayank 5 stars today
  15. Identify email addresses or domains names that belong to colleges or universities. Help automate the process of approving or rejecting academic discounts.

    Kotlin 523 6,258 Built by @philipto @zweizwei @johndbritton @leereilly @shafirov
  16. Functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library

    Kotlin 2,191 172 Built by @pakoito @raulraja @nomisRev @JorgeCastilloPrz @MarioAriasC
  17. A simple textfield for adding quick notes without ads.

    Kotlin 165 100 Built by @tibbi @trubitsyn @smarquespt @Phoenix1747 @mueller-ma
  18. Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles

    Kotlin 18,362 352 Built by @tipsy @iProdigy @alecharp @anandsudhir @bartw
  19. The Google I/O 2018 Android App

    Kotlin 17,761 5,688 Built by @shailen @nickbutcher @jdkoren @PaulRashidi @kroikie
  20. [Version 2 is now a RC] A beautiful and fluid dialogs API for Kotlin & Android.

    Kotlin 14,803 2,584 Built by @afollestad @hzsweers @lordcodes @kevinslashslash @marchold
  21. Pleasant Android application development

    Kotlin 13,076 1,041 Built by @yanex @4u7 @abreslav @deva666 @colriot
  22. Flexbox for Android

    Kotlin 13,012 1,395 Built by @thagikura @MGaetan89 @evant @yaraki @hotchemi
  23. Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines pmd implements and IDE plugin

    Kotlin 12,718 2,800 Built by @SeanCai @fulwonder88 @yangguanbao @xuantan @fw8899
  24. Samples for Android Architecture Components.

    Kotlin 11,108 2,958 Built by @yigit @JoseAlcerreca @florina-muntenescu @ChrisCraik @jonathan-caryl
  25. This sample shows how to implement an audio media app that works across multiple form factors and provide a consistent user experience on Android phones, tablets, Auto, Wear and Cast devices

    Kotlin 10,468 3,238 Built by @mangini @nic0lette @nageshs @cartland @smishra2
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