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  1. The Agda standard library

    Agda 141 62 Built by @nad @asr @UlfNorell @MatthewDaggitt @andreasabel 6 stars this month
  2. Learn you an Agda (and achieve enlightenment)

    Agda 284 36 Built by @liamoc @sordina @evelynmitchell
  3. Development of homotopy type theory in Agda

    Agda 220 49 Built by @favonia @ecavallo @andrejbauer @guillaumebrunerie @ericfinster
  4. being the lecture materials and exercises for the 2017/18 session of CS410 Advanced Functional Programming at the University of Strathclyde

    Agda 107 11 Built by @pigworker @jmchapman @bishboria
  5. Categories parametrized by morphism equality, in Agda

    Agda 98 23 Built by @copumpkin @xplat @Saizan @mokus0 @JacquesCarette
  6. ECMAScript back end for Functional Reactive Programming in Agda

    Agda 72 9 Built by @larrytheliquid @andreasabel
  7. Companion code for "Why Dependent Types Matter" paper.

    Agda 59 4 Built by @jstolarek @markus1189
  8. being the materials for CS410 Advanced Functional Programming in the 2014-15 session

    Agda 55 7 Built by @pigworker @gallais
  9. Programming library for Agda

    Agda 52 16 Built by @UlfNorell @m0davis @phile314 @jespercockx @kylcarte
  10. Agda 52 5 Built by @dlicata335 @emblack @guillaumebrunerie @ericfinster @DanGrayson
  11. Adaptation of Software Foundations in Agda

    Agda 52 1 Built by @wadler @wenkokke
  12. Summer school on programming in Agda

    Agda 51 13 Built by @UlfNorell @andorp @IgnoredAmbience
  13. Cryptographic Constructions in the Type Theory of Agda

    Agda 41 5 Built by @np @Danten @lron @gitter-badger @diakopter
  14. being the materials for CS410 Advanced Functional Programming in the 2015/16 session

    Agda 41 3 Built by @pigworker @jmchapman
  15. A workshop on learning Agda with minimal prerequisites.

    Agda 40 2 Built by @scott-fleischman
  16. The Spire Programming Language

    Agda 40 2 Built by @larrytheliquid @ntc2 @TimSheard
  17. Agda proofs for some of the theorems in Robert Harper's Practical Foundations of Programming Languages.

    Agda 40 2 Built by @scmu
  18. Modeling Ancient Greek Grammar

    Agda 34 5 Built by @scott-fleischman @jimmyparks @krislyle
  19. Miller/pattern unification in Agda

    Agda 32 2 Built by @Saizan
  20. A formalization of the polymorphic lambda calculus extended with iso-recursive types

    Agda 31 5 Built by @sstucki @Blaisorblade
  21. An implementation of Functional Reactive Programming

    Agda 31 1 Built by @mvcisback @andreasabel
  22. Agda 27 9 Built by @Saizan @fredefox @xekoukou @gunpinyo @PaulGustafson
  23. Porting of software foundations book to Agda

    Agda 27 5 Built by @rodrigogribeiro
  24. being the notes and materials for CS410 in the 2013/14 academic session

    Agda 26 3 Built by @pigworker @stevana
  25. Observational Type Theory as an Agda library

    Agda 25 4 Built by @effectfully
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