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  1. antlr / grammars-v4

    Grammars written for ANTLR v4; expectation that the grammars are free of actions.

    ANTLR • 47 stars this month • Built by @teverett @parrt @KvanTTT @rainerschuster @bkiers

  2. polysome / aggregate-1

    An open source miniPCIe development board based on the Xilinx Spartan 6 LX150T

    ANTLR • Built by @thomlauret

  3. myriadrf / LimeSDR-USB

    USB 3.0 version of the LimeSDR board

    ANTLR • Built by @9600

  4. 3drobotics / Pixhawk_OS_Hardware

    Design files for the open hardware designs used by 3DR

    ANTLR • Built by @proficnc

  5. brettwooldridge / jet

    Swift-to-JVM bytecode compiler.

    ANTLR • Built by @brettwooldridge

  6. bkiers / rrd-antlr4

    Railroad Diagrams for ANTLR 4 grammar rules.

    ANTLR • Built by @bkiers @aboualiaa @aatwi @itzg @cbweixin

  7. Neueda4j / jetbrains-plugin-cypher

    Cypher plugin for Jetbrains family IDE

    ANTLR • Built by @FylmTM

  8. jbclements / rust-antlr

    An ANTLR grammar for Rust

    ANTLR • Built by @jbclements

  9. fenollp / er

    er ~ emergency room (a BEAM language "improving" on Erlang)

    ANTLR • Built by @fenollp @orthographic-pedant

  10. tunnelvisionlabs / antlr4-grammar-postgresql

    An ANTLR 4 lexer for PostgreSQL

    ANTLR • Built by @sharwell

  11. AnttiLukats / Soft-Propeller

    ANTLR • Built by @AnttiLukats

  12. AnttiLukats / HackaZynq

    Open Source ZYNQ Board

    ANTLR • Built by @AnttiLukats

  13. drforr / perl6-ANTLR4

    Parser for ANTLR4 grammar

    ANTLR • Built by @drforr @zoffixznet

  14. cyberthinkers / typescript-to-scala-js-facade

    This tool will create JavaScript facades for Scala.js from typescript ambient declarations.

    ANTLR • Built by @larrymelia

  15. bkiers / pcre-parser

    An ANTLR 4 grammar for PCRE

    ANTLR • Built by @bkiers

  16. lrlucena / grammars-v4

    Grammars written for ANTLR v4; expectation that the grammars are free of actions.

    ANTLR • Built by @teverett @parrt @rainerschuster @bkiers @cowang

  17. ftomassetti / python-ast

    Python parser built using ANTLR

    ANTLR • Built by @ftomassetti

  18. le-moulin-studio / java-semantic-diff

    Experiment about a semantic-based diff tool for Java language.

    ANTLR • Built by @green-coder @davidandreoletti

  19. SpaceKrakens / SKON

    Space Kraken Object Notation

    ANTLR • Built by @NogginBops @Dormanil @mikejbrown @Tranberry

  20. AnttiLukats / OZOM-Model-A

    Open Hardware Zynq System on Module

    ANTLR • Built by @AnttiLukats

  21. nightscape / papa-carlos-aunt

    Use ANTLR4 grammars for creating incremental Papa Carlo parsers

    ANTLR • Built by @nightscape

  22. cy6erGn0m / kotlin-antlr4-grammar

    Antlr4 grammar for Kotlin language

    ANTLR • Built by @cy6erGn0m @marcinwyszynski

  23. ewoutkramer / fhirpath

    Descriptions and grammars for the HL7 FHIR FhirPath language

    ANTLR • Built by @ewoutkramer @brynrhodes @grahamegrieve @jamesagnew

  24. vlsi / iec61131-parser

    Parsers for IEC 61131-3 grammar

    ANTLR • Built by @vlsi

  25. bkiers / PGN-parser

    A Portable Game Notation (PGN) ANTLR 4 grammar and parser.

    ANTLR • Built by @bkiers

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