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  1. Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

    JavaScript 22,972 2,391 Built by @trekhleb @albertstill @m-maksyutin @mybaseball52 @PeterShershov 22,966 stars this month
  2. A secure TypeScript runtime on V8

    JavaScript 19,956 855 Built by @ry @piscisaureus @qti3e @yorkie @ulivz 19,943 stars this month
  3. 🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)

    32,776 1,898 Built by @danistefanovic @jserv @mstuttgart @cliffordfajardo @toolboc 16,002 stars this month
  4. 🖖 A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

    JavaScript 102,557 14,432 Built by @yyx990803 @Hanks10100 @defcc @kazupon @posva 8,846 stars this month
  5. A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

    JavaScript 102,545 18,561 Built by @zpao @sophiebits @gaearon @sebmarkbage @jimfb 7,045 stars this month
  6. A personal information dashboard for your terminal.

    Go 5,834 239 Built by @senorprogrammer @jeangovil @Fengyalv @deltaxflux @BillKeenan 5,828 stars this month
  7. A curated list of software and architecture related design patterns.

    5,654 260 Built by @DovAmir @LeoColomb @arocks @grouchy @harshdeep21 5,630 stars this month
  8. 后端架构师技术图谱

    19,918 5,034 Built by @xingshaocheng @liukgg @sorenxing @BeoneMan @isiyin 4,992 stars this month
  9. Collection of elements that appear hand drawn. Great for wireframes.

    JavaScript 5,600 149 Built by @pshihn @RalucaNicola @jean @Naereen @tomasolander 5,579 stars this month
  10. 👋 Hackable console logger

    JavaScript 5,541 120 Built by @klauscfhq @jordrake @mariocfhq @DanielRuf @brettimus 4,722 stars this month
  11. Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

    C 4,647 239 Built by @s-matyukevich @lche @Sustrak @proph8 @xesco 4,575 stars this month
  12. ✍🏻It has never been so easy to document your things!

    TypeScript 4,504 73 Built by @pedronauck @marceloavf @diegohaz @degroote22 @Swapnull 4,484 stars this month
  13. Computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning

    C++ 102,944 64,333 Built by @tensorflower-gardener @caisq @benoitsteiner @vrv @martinwicke 3,490 stars this month
  14. Python 抖音机器人,论如何在抖音上找到漂亮小姐姐?😍

    Python 3,908 647 Built by @wangshub @privatez @jiluhu 3,907 stars this month
  15. 多端统一开发框架,支持用 React 的开发方式编写一次代码,生成能运行在微信小程序、H5、React Native 等的应用。

    JavaScript 3,985 273 Built by @luckyadam @yuche @Simbachen @jinjinjin0731 @Manjiz 3,979 stars this month
  16. Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions.

    JavaScript 3,819 55 Built by @offirgolan @jasonmit @zkwentz @kennethlarsen 3,796 stars this month
  17. Visual Studio Code

    TypeScript 53,340 6,998 Built by @bpasero @joaomoreno @jrieken @isidorn @alexandrudima 3,612 stars this month
  18. Python - 100天从新手到大师

    Python 3,362 642 Built by @jackfrued 3,359 stars this month
  19. Vue Native is a framework to build cross platform native mobile apps using JavaScript

    JavaScript 3,275 72 Built by @gauravprwl14 @neeraj-singh47 @Dor-Ron @sanketsahusoft 3,255 stars this month
  20. 📆 准备秋招学习笔记

    25,020 6,796 Built by @CyC2018 @kwongtailau @crossoverJie @jy03078584 @xbhoneybee 2,796 stars this month
  21. "Good Luck With That" Public License

    3,093 102 Built by @me-shaon @DinoLeung @prisoner @tiagotriques @thecsw 3,091 stars this month
  22. A desktop debugging platform for mobile developers.

    JavaScript 2,917 82 Built by @priteshrnandgaonkar @jknoxville @MichaelEvans @danielbuechele @passy 2,912 stars this month
  23. Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful mobile apps.

    Dart 26,697 2,422 Built by @abarth @Hixie @HansMuller @devoncarew @cbracken 2,757 stars this month
  24. JavaScript 2,817 77 Built by @ryanflorence @nickcolley @stunstunstun @Andarist @apostolos 2,816 stars this month
  25. A collection of various awesome lists for hackers, pentesters and security researchers

    24,330 3,669 Built by @Chan9390 @aleksandar-todorovic @amanjeev @madhuakula @ReadmeCritic 2,743 stars this month
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