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  1. nagaozen / asp-xtreme-evolution

    ASP Xtreme Evolution goal is to be a versatile MVC URL-Friendly base for Classic ASP applications with some additional features that are not ASP native. It should implement things that are common to most applications removing the pain of starting a new software and helping you to structure it so that you get things right from the beginning. Our …

    ASP • Built by @nagaozen

  2. rustyrobot / fuzzdb

    This project is a mirror of the project on google-code

    ASP • Built by @rustyrobot

  3. zendesk / zendesk_jwt_sso_examples

    Examples using JWT for Zendesk SSO

    ASP • Built by @steved @morten @apanzerj @jbdietrich @johnou

  4. david-mark / My-Library

    The original cross-browser JS library/framework

    ASP • Built by @david-mark @Raynos

  5. coldstone / easyasp

    A simple classic ASP (VBScript) framework with database control, FSO, upload, JSON creator, XML creator, template engine...

    ASP • Built by @coldstone

  6. sdesapio / Classic-ASP-VBScript-OAuth

    Generic VBScript class structure for implementing OAUTH.

    ASP • Built by @sdesapio @jasonkneen

  7. SteveSanderson / Deleporter

    Cross-process code injection for ASP.NET

    ASP • Built by @SteveSanderson

  8. oazabir / SQLServerPerformanceDashboard

    A web-based real-time monitoring app to show performance and problems of one or more SQL Server instances

    ASP • Built by @oazabir

  9. dvikan / old-ntnu-exams

    Mostly computer science exams.

    ASP • Built by @invalid-email-address @dvikan @mathiasose @peterhgombos

  10. NetSPI / cmdsql

    ASP • Built by @arantasa @egru @nullbind

  11. tshwangq / IISDeploy

    delopy website with github automatically

    ASP • Built by @tshwangq

  12. Jackysi / AdvancedTomato-V2

    This is only GUI version of repository (www directory)

    ASP • Built by @Jackysi

  13. anderssonjohan / Nettest

    Internet bandwidth test written in HTML+AJAX using jQuery

    ASP • Built by @anderssonjohan

  14. OXXAS / CommerceStarterKit

    Commerce Starter Kit for EPiServer Commerce.

    ASP • Built by @evest @JoachimL @torestensrud @vgoloviznin @pettersorby

  15. agross / netopenspace

    Infrastructure and web site for the .NET Open Space conference

    ASP • Built by @agross @mhoyer

  16. dmeagor / ClassicASP-FirePHP

    Classic asp Class that adds FireBug/FirePHP console debugging. Outputs user generated strings, arrays, json objects as well as the built in session, application, server, POST and GET collections. Ideal for AJAX debugging.

    ASP • Built by @dmeagor

  17. fedecheller / ExtNetModernUI

    Ext Net ModernUI Interface - Window 8 Metro Style web application using and

    ASP • Built by @fedecheller

  18. DynamsoftRD / HTML5-Photo-Upload

    Take a Photo and Upload it on Mobile Phones with HTML5

    ASP • Built by @DynamsoftRD

  19. PetrSnobelt / UmbracoOAuthLogin

    OAuth Login to Umbraco Backend

    ASP • Built by @PetrSnobelt

  20. aliceffekt / volkenessen

    Unity project

    ASP •

  21. rcdmk / aspJSON

    A classic ASP JSON parser and encoder for easy JSON manipulation to work with the new JavaScript MV* libraries and frameworks.

    ASP • Built by @rcdmk

  22. NetEase / pomelo-unitychat-socket

    pomelo-chat client based on socket, support unity 3D and other .net environment,

    ASP • Built by @demon0925

  23. textmate / asp.tmbundle

    TextMate support for ASP

    ASP • Built by @sorbits @infininight @abitgone

  24. NetEase / pomelo-unitychat

    ASP • Built by @halfblood369

  25. OfficeDev / OData-BCS-SharePoint-Hosted-App-Code-Sample

    Example App for SharePoint demonstrating a connection to and OData Data Source through Business Connectivity Services (BCS). Created and compiled in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

    ASP • Built by @tomresing @jthake


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