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  1. kaganus / cgb-modded

    Unofficial Clash Game Bot integrated with user modifications

    AutoIt • Built by @kaganus @cmestres @ChiefM3 @janikz211 @crazyheo

  2. vboxme / Portable-VirtualBox

    Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation.

    AutoIt • Built by @runarbu @Megachip @Zoli1972 @slymsoft @fbigun

  3. broodplank / APKtoJava

    Decompile your APKs easily (to java/smali or/and resource)

    AutoIt • Built by @broodplank @kolyaak

  4. forcedotcom / dataloader

    apex data loader

    AutoIt • Built by @jefflai @diracz @federecio @colin-j @superfell

  5. Kaelri / Enigma

    A featured "suite" for the Windows system monitoring application, Rainmeter.

    AutoIt • Built by @Kaelri @smurfier @poooky

  6. codebroken / BrokenBot

    BrokenBot - Open Source Clash of Clans Bot

    AutoIt • Built by @codebroken @cool7su @zuloloxi

  7. fediaFedia / Omnimo

    Omnimo UI Official Repository

    AutoIt • Built by @fediaFedia

  8. jschicht / Mft2Csv

    Extract $MFT record info and log it to a csv file.

    AutoIt • Built by @jschicht

  9. jschicht / RawCopy

    Commandline low level file extractor for NTFS

    AutoIt • Built by @jschicht

  10. Blaze5145 / cgb-unofficial-v3

    Unofficial Repository for CGB v3.0

    AutoIt • Built by @Blaze5145 @cmestres @krendll @GiddyDown

  11. CodeSlinger69 / ClAsHbOt

    Clash of Clans Farm Bot

    AutoIt • Built by @CodeSlinger69

  12. RIEI / Vistumbler

    A wireless network scanner written in AutoIT for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

    AutoIt • Built by @acalcutt @pferland

  13. cool7su / Broken_Clashbot

    Broken's version of Clashbot

    AutoIt • Built by @cool7su @codebroken @usabug @cmestres @ckodex

  14. jschicht / LogFileParser

    Parser for $LogFile on NTFS

    AutoIt • Built by @jschicht

  15. lordfiSh / win10privacyfix

    Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

    AutoIt • Built by @lordfiSh

  16. ellysh / l2bot

    Simple and easy configurable Lineage 2 bot on AutoIt scripting language

    AutoIt • Built by @ellysh

  17. jvanegmond / au3_uiautomation

    UIAutomation for AutoIt

    AutoIt • Built by @jvanegmond

  18. chall32 / LDWin

    Link Discovery for Windows

    AutoIt • Built by @chall32

  19. Blaze5145 / cgb-unofficial

    Unofficial Build of CGB with Patches and Mods

    AutoIt • Built by @Blaze5145 @shariqriaz @IndraFer @krendll @cmestres

  20. jschicht / ExtractUsnJrnl

    Tool to extract the $UsnJrnl from an NTFS volume

    AutoIt • Built by @jschicht

  21. admiralmachado / AutoIt-Uplay

    (Windows-Only) Uses AutoIt to automate launching games with Uplay DRM and closing Uplay once the game finishes. Ideal for those using Steam in Big Picture Mode or anyone else who doesn't want to deal with Uplay.

    AutoIt • Built by @admiralmachado

  22. MoriceD3 / D3ROS-ArreatCore

    AutoIt • Built by @MoriceD3 @Ano69 @bilabou @kamios @Lethtel

  23. habohitron / habohitron

    AutoIt • Built by @papplampe

  24. rizonesoft / comintrep

    Complete Internet Repair

    AutoIt • Built by @rizonesoft

  25. Envyus / GameBot

    Clash Of Clans Bot

    AutoIt • Built by @Envyus


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