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  1. soimort / translate-shell

    :speech_balloon: Google Translate to serve as a command-line tool

    Awk • Built by @soimort @m13253 @thiagowfx

  2. darius / awklisp

    A Lisp interpreter written in Awk.

    Awk • Built by @darius

  3. freebroccolo / docker-haskell

    Haskell on Docker

    Awk • Built by @freebroccolo @ChristopherBiscardi @psftw @AnneTheAgile @mfine

  4. perusio / php-ini-cleanup

    A script that cleans up the php.ini file with security in mind

    Awk • Built by @perusio

  5. step- / JSON.awk

    Practical JSON parser written in awk

    Awk • Built by @step-

  6. nuex / zodiac

    A static website generator written in awk and sh.

    Awk • Built by @nuex @dhempy

  7. Infinality / fontconfig-infinality

    Shell • Built by @Infinality @yegorius @dkasak

  8. e36freak / awk-libs

    GNU awk libraries

    Awk • Built by @e36freak

  9. mrmanc / log-ninja

    A set of scripts I find useful when analysing log files

    Awk • Built by @mrmanc @autotradermark @vladak

  10. cosimo / vlogdump

    Small tool to filter/convert/match raw varnishlog output

    Awk • Built by @cosimo

  11. archan937 /

    A Bash command line tool for converting JSON to CSV

    Awk • Built by @archan937

  12. dubiousjim / awkenough

    basic libraries for awk

    Awk • Built by @dubiousjim @smoser

  13. own-pt / openWordnet-PT

    OpenWordnet-PT: an open Brazilian Wordnet

    Awk • Built by @arademaker @rfhaeusler @fcbr @vcvpaiva

  14. benbalter / situation-clock

    LED-style Situation Room wall clock formatted for iPads

    Awk • Built by @benbalter @schacon @benburkert

  15. jroimartin / sw

    sw is a minimal and sane web framework

    Awk • Built by @jroimartin

  16. cheusov / runawk

    Powerful wrapper for AWK interpreter

    Awk • Built by @cheusov @andrewshadura

  17. PaulReiber / Log-Dissector

    awk-based tool for extracting knowledge from logfiles

    Awk • Built by @PaulReiber

  18. wlangstroth / simple-static

    Static site generator based on sw

    Shell • Built by @wlangstroth

  19. kroger / humdrum

    The Humdrum Toolkit provides a set of free software tools intended to assist in music research

    Awk • Built by @kroger @craigsapp @ybroze

  20. roidelapluie / icinga-to-graphite

    A simple script to send icinga metrics to graphite

    Shell • Built by @roidelapluie

  21. jay / showlinenum

    showlinenum.awk - show line numbers for git diff

    Awk • Built by @jay

  22. sstephenson / bashprof

    Bash profiler

    Awk • Built by @sstephenson

  23. cdown / cellout

    Battery status in the console (Linux only).

    Awk • Built by @cdown

  24. lapsedtheorist / awk-for-apache-nginx-logs

    Awk for Apache / Nginx logs

    Awk • Built by @lapsedtheorist

  25. e36freak / tools

    basic little tools

    Awk • Built by @e36freak


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