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  1. GWRon / TVTower

    Remake of Mad TV. Written in BlitzMax and Lua

    BlitzMax • Built by @GWRon @STARSCrazy @Sjaele @XtrmPrgrmmr @henrikthesing

  2. Leushenko / ybc

    Compiler for the B programming language

    BlitzMax • Built by @Leushenko

  3. bmx-ng / bcc

    A next-generation bcc parser for BlitzMax

    BlitzMax • Built by @woollybah @GWRon @Octav14n

  4. bmx-ng / bmx-ng

    The Open Source BlitzMax Compiler Project

    BlitzMax • Built by @woollybah @thomaspreece

  5. frameland / Scope-2D

    A Level Editor for Non Tile-Based 2D games (for Mac)

    BlitzMax • Built by @frameland

  6. kfprimm / prime.mod

    Various BlitzMax modules

    BlitzMax • Built by @kfprimm

  7. komiga / duct-max

    A set of assorted ductile modules for BlitzMax. [unsupported]

    BlitzMax • Built by @komiga

  8. nitrologic / maxide

    BlitzMax development environment

    BlitzMax • Built by @nitrologic

  9. GWRon / Dig - game and app framework for BlitzMax

    BlitzMax • Built by @GWRon

  10. bmx-ng / maxgui.mod

    BlitzMax MaxGUI modules port.

    BlitzMax • Built by @woollybah

  11. maxmods / brl.mod

    BlitzMax's BRL modules, patched and updated.

    BlitzMax • Built by @woollybah @GWRon

  12. wiebow / artemax.mod

    Artemis is a high performance Entity System framework for games written in Blitzmax. Originally written in Java, and is a framework to manage entities in a game world.

    BlitzMax • Built by @wiebow

  13. kfprimm / maxb3dex.mod

    MaxB3D extensions

    BlitzMax • Built by @kfprimm

  14. SRSSoftware / srs.mod

    BlitzMax • Built by @SRSSoftware @0xnullptr

  15. oliverskawronek / openal.mod

    Makes OpenAL available for BlitzMax. Supports AL, ALC, ALUT and EFX

    BlitzMax • Built by @oliverskawronek

  16. oliverskawronek / bnetex.mod

    An object oriented low level network library for BlitzMax with support for TCP and UDP

    BlitzMax • Built by @oliverskawronek

  17. oliverskawronek / dreide.mod

    A 3d engine for BlitzMax based on OpenGL. It supports an entity system, texturing, 3DS and MD3 loading, etc.

    BlitzMax • Built by @oliverskawronek

  18. kfprimm / mapletce

    An open source clone of Blitz Research's discontinued WYSIWYG editor

    BlitzMax • Built by @kfprimm

  19. TME520 / Valentium-Wars

    BlitzMax • Built by @TME520

  20. TME520 / Saturn-Wars

    BlitzMax • Built by @TME520

  21. TME520 / armada210

    Experimental wargame inspired of SD Gundam.

    BlitzMax • Built by @TME520

  22. wiebow / scramblernd.game2d

    This is the complete Blitzmax source to ScrambleRND, using Game2D as its framework.

    BlitzMax • Built by @wiebow

  23. wiebow / boulderdash.game2d

    Demo code of Boulderdash for Blitzmax. No sound, no frontend.

    BlitzMax • Built by @wiebow

  24. GWRon / SimpleCodeTester

    A simple program to validate if a executed command returns the expected result. Used to compile programs and compare the output when run. For now the app-specific test class is tailored for a Blitzmax-Compiler-compatible compiler command line.

    BlitzMax • Built by @GWRon @woollybah

  25. wiebow / game2d.mod

    Game2D is a 2d game engine for Blitzmax, featuring states, entities, and much more.

    BlitzMax • Built by @wiebow

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