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  1. cambridgehackers / connectal

    Connectal is a framework for software-driven hardware development.

    Bluespec • Built by @jameyhicks @jankcorn @hanw @m-liu @lstewart

  2. CTSRD-CHERI / beri

    The BERI and CHERI processor and hardware platform

    Bluespec •

  3. lightstor / ssd-controller

    Open Source SSD Controller. NVMe and Lightstor variants

    Bluespec • Built by @gsmadhusudan

  4. opengeospatial / poi

    OGC Points of Interest Encoding Specification

    Bluespec • Built by @ashleyholt @caldwellinva @cportele @kjano

  5. DeepPhe / DeepPhe

    Cancer Deep Phenotype Extraction (DeepPhe) project

    Bluespec • Built by @tseytlin @seanfinan @girishc @omedvedeva1 @mitchellkj

  6. csail-csg / riscy

    Bluespec • Built by @acw1251 @threonorm

  7. hanw / sonic-lite

    Welcome to P4FPGA repository!

    Bluespec • Built by @hanw @kslee @vishal1303 @tudang @jameyhicks

  8. cambridgehackers / xbsv

    connectal (formerly called xbsv) contains a utility to generate bit files for Xilinx Zynq devices from BSV programs.

    Bluespec • Built by @jankcorn @jameyhicks @chamdoo @lstewart

  9. CTSRD-CHERI / bluecheck

    A generic test bench written in Bluespec

    Bluespec • Built by @mn416 @acw1251

  10. vmurali / StructuralSpec

    Structural Spec parser based on Bluespec

    Bluespec • Built by @vmurali

  11. LEAP-Core / leap

    LEAP FPGA primary components

    Bluespec • Built by @kerminfleming @michael-adler @hjyang @mgambhir @sangwoojun

  12. freecores / bluespec-reedsolomon

    Bluespec SystemVerilog Reed Solomon Decoder

    Bluespec •

  13. cambridgehackers / dbn

    BSV implementation of restricted boltzmann machine and deep belief networks

    Bluespec • Built by @jameyhicks

  14. freecores / bluespec-80211atransmitter

    Bluespec 802.11a Transmitter

    Bluespec •

  15. akgeni / ByteOfPython

    Bluespec • Built by @akgeni

  16. chenm001 / x266

    Hardware implement of HEVC

    Bluespec • Built by @chenm001

  17. FelixWinterstein / LEAP-HLS

    Rapid system integration of high-level synthesis kernels using the LEAP FPGA framework

    Bluespec • Built by @FelixWinterstein

  18. thotypous / gymnoRTus

    Recognize Gymnotus electric organ discharges in real-time within microseconds

    Bluespec • Built by @thotypous

  19. freecores / reedsolomon

    Reed-Solomon Decoder

    Bluespec •

  20. LEAP-Core / leap-multifpga

    LEAP multi-FPGA and latency-insensitive module compiler

    Bluespec • Built by @kerminfleming @michael-adler @hjyang @mgambhir @sangwoojun

  21. rsnikhil / Bluespec_BSV_Tutorial

    Bluespec BSV HLHDL tutorial

    Bluespec • Built by @rsnikhil

  22. freecores / cryptosorter

    Bluespec Cryptosorter

    Bluespec •

  23. rishavs / pixiTest

    hex grid on pixijs

    Bluespec • Built by @rishavs

  24. thotypous / AcqSys

    Low-cost modular acquisition and stimulation system for neuroscience

    Bluespec • Built by @thotypous

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