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  1. torvalds / linux

    Linux kernel source tree

    C • 61 stars today • Built by @torvalds @broonie @davem330 @tiwai @gregkh

  2. SamyPesse / How-to-Make-a-Computer-Operating-System

    How to Make a Computer Operating System in C++

    C • 21 stars today • Built by @SamyPesse @mandliya @pato @0X1A @Tadwork

  3. antirez / redis

    Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kind of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes, HyperLogLogs, Bitmaps.

    C • 12 stars today • Built by @antirez @pietern @mattsta @geoffgarside @badboy

  4. git / git

    Git Source Code Mirror - This is a publish-only repository and all pull requests are ignored. Please follow Documentation/SubmittingPatches procedure for any of your improvements.

    C • 8 stars today • Built by @gitster @peff @spearce @torvalds @jrn

  5. DrKLO / Telegram

    Telegram for Android source

    C • 9 stars today • Built by @DrKLO @Dacainiao @slp @zhukov @yorlov

  6. ggreer / the_silver_searcher

    A code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster.

    C • 7 stars today • Built by @ggreer @mattn @c4rlo @rphillips @avih

  7. okamstudio / godot

    Godot Game Engine

    C • 5 stars today • Built by @reduz @marynate @hurikhan @adolson @sanikoyes

  8. kripken / emscripten

    Emscripten: An LLVM-to-JavaScript Compiler

    C • 5 stars today • Built by @kripken @juj @invalid-email-address @waywardmonkeys @ehsan

  9. swoole / swoole-src

    Asynchronous & concurrent & distributed networking framework for PHP.

    C • 5 stars today • Built by @matyhtf @shenzhe @betashepherd @bixuehujin @taobao-php

  10. grpc / grpc

    The C based gRPC (C++, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#)

    C • 5 stars today • Built by @ctiller @murgatroid99 @tbetbetbe @nicolasnoble @yang-g

  11. vim / vim

    SNAPSHOT from - Try it out

    C • 5 stars today •

  12. citusdata / pg_shard

    PostgreSQL extension to scale out real-time reads and writes. Check out the mailing list at or read the docs at

    C • 5 stars today • Built by @jasonmp85 @bmomjian @onderkalaci @petere @alvherre

  13. cmusphinx / pocketsphinx

    PocketSphinx is a lightweight speech recognition engine, specifically tuned for handheld and mobile devices, though it works equally well on the desktop

    C • 5 stars today • Built by @mbait

  14. CyanogenMod / android_system_extras

    Extra apps for Android

    C • Built by @colincross @cferris1000 @enh @kruton @jsharkey

  15. machinekit / machinekit

    C • Built by @jepler @cradek @c-morley @SebKuzminsky @jethornton

  16. DreamSourceLab / DSView

    An open source multi-function instrument for everyone

    C • Built by @DreamSourceLab @darander @dpavlin @RichardSharpe

  17. Tasssadar / multirom

    MultiROM for Nexus 7 and LG Optimus One

    C • Built by @Tasssadar @KINGbabasula @dzej1 @grondinm @invisiblek

  18. fishman / ctags

    clone of official ctags repo with obj-c and css patches added

    C • Built by @masatake @b4n @vhda @ffes @fishman

  19. memcached / memcached

    memcached development tree

    C • Built by @dormando @dustin @bradfitz @trondn @steveyen

  20. systemd / systemd

    Mirror managed by of

    C • Built by @mezcalero @kaysievers @keszybz @teg @gregkh

  21. hardkernel / linux

    Linux kernel source tree

    C • Built by @torvalds @tiwai @davem330 @pmundt @bzolnier

  22. contiki-os / contiki

    The official git repository for Contiki, the open source OS for the Internet of Things

    C • Built by @malvira @adamdunkels @nvt @g-oikonomou @nfi


    Mico-controller based Internet Connectivity Operation System

    C • Built by @neooxu @jerryyu001 @wangeshen @haibo344 @digqq

  24. ChibiOS / ChibiOS

    Read only mirror of SVN ChibiOS repository

    C • Built by @gdisirio @barthess @utzig

  25. mamedev / mame

    MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

    C • Built by @angelosa @happppp @aaronsgiles @mmicko @briantro


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