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  1. Clean 19 2 Built by @frznlogic
  2. The Clean language search engine

    Clean 12 2 Built by @camilstaps @dopefishh @KDercksen @ErinvanderVeen
  3. php-storm-colors

    Clean 7 7 Built by @kevinhowbrook
  4. Ubuntu package of the command line fork of the W3C validator

    Clean 5 Built by @jjlee
  5. Clean funtional programming language homework: Huffman

    Clean 5 1 Built by @ordogfioka
  6. Clean 5 4 Built by @Jamedjo
  7. Casio fx-ES PLUS reverse-engineering project

    Clean 5 Built by @SopaXorzTaker
  8. Homework for the course advanced programming

    Clean 5 1 Built by @Jaxan
  9. An OS X packaging of wdg-html-validator

    Clean 4 Built by @robinhouston
  10. A Clean IDE for Mac OS X

    Clean 4 Built by @dvanarkel
  11. EAD2002 (DTD or XSD) universal validator

    Clean 3 2 Built by @tingletech @mattjmattj
  12. Assignments of the course Functioneel Programmeren

    Clean 3 1 Built by @MarkVink
  13. Kubernetes ICL templates

    Clean 3
  14. Clean 3 2 Built by @camilstaps
  15. Debian packaging for DTDs from W3C

    Clean 3 1 Built by @periapt
  16. While interpreter written in Clean

    Clean 3 Built by @dopefishh
  17. Clean 3 Built by @dopefishh @Grithub
  18. A type unifier for Clean, in Clean

    Clean 2 2 Built by @camilstaps @dopefishh
  19. This is my custom PHPStorm themes

    Clean 2 Built by @uC137
  20. A simple todos application using declaire.js

    Clean 2 Built by @syntheticore
  21. Mirror of the W3C markup catalogs files.

    Clean 2 Built by @darthcav
  22. clean programming lang

    Clean 2 Built by @pooyapro
  23. Monsterlijke compiler in monsterlijk Clean

    Clean 2 Built by @tom1944 @oeniehead
  24. Fast mediocre compression for arbitrary Clean expressions

    Clean 2 Built by @camilstaps
  25. Various examples using the Mylyn Docs EPUB tooling.

    Clean 2 1 Built by @turesheim
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