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  1. ricksladkey / ClipsLanguage

    Visual Studio CLIPS Language Extension

    CLIPS • Built by @ricksladkey

  2. Aterocana / ialab

    Progetto di Intelligenza Artificiale

    CLIPS • Built by @Aterocana @axedre

  3. deric / housing

    School task at AI

    CLIPS • Built by @deric

  4. DrItanium / ItaniumBasicBlockScheduler

    Itanium Basic Block Scheduler implemented as an expert system

    CLIPS • Built by @DrItanium

  5. MBcode / CLIPSmsc

    CLIPS utils, &later pvm code

    CLIPS • Built by @MBcode

  6. DrItanium / problem0

    Fall 2011 Cal Poly code golf contest

    CLIPS • Built by @ajvondrak @raltu @DrItanium

  7. bezidejni / ekspertni_projekt

    CLIPS • Built by @bezidejni @Chochek

  8. aongko / projectSispak

    CLIPS • Built by @aongko @DeimonDB @kokki100

  9. kirederik / jessmre

    ITS using the Repair Theory to present MRE

    CLIPS • Built by @kirederik

  10. navicto / AI2_Pitt

    CLIPS •

  11. DrItanium / tasker

    An expert system library and toolset for defining tasks locally

    CLIPS • Built by @DrItanium

  12. DrItanium / electron-filesystem

    A default file system for electron to make it easier to write self contained programs

    CLIPS • Built by @DrItanium

  13. tbmihailov / kb-computer-classifier

    Computer classifier course project in CLIPS for the KnoledgeBase course - 02.2014 Sofia University

    CLIPS • Built by @tbmihailov

  14. gioce90 / SCUBA_Diving_ExpertSystem

    SCUBA Diving Expert System

    CLIPS • Built by @gioce90

  15. DrItanium / catharsis

    Demos using proton and neutron

    CLIPS • Built by @DrItanium

  16. sliptonic / 2x_laser

    EMC2 Configuration for 2.x Laser

    CLIPS • Built by @bjj @jv4779

  17. DrItanium / WavefrontScheduling

    Wavefront Scheduling implemented as an expert system.

    CLIPS • Built by @DrItanium

  18. gholker / InductorKBS

    CLIPS • Built by @gholker

  19. DrItanium / proton

    Liberation of the core libraries from the platform

    CLIPS • Built by @DrItanium

  20. eurojulien / LOG635-TP1

    Code Jess

    CLIPS • Built by @domleo @eurojulien

  21. mateioprea / phutballCLIPS

    CLIPS • Built by @mateioprea

  22. axedre / ialab

    Progetti di Intelligenza Artificiale, a.a. 2012/13

    CLIPS • Built by @GoldenGreenHouse @Aterocana @axedre

  23. miki1982es / ClipsLanguage

    Visual Studio CLIPS Language Extension

    CLIPS • Built by @ricksladkey

  24. joaocc / creshendo--git

    CLIPS •

  25. jossemarGT / CLIPS-basic-trivia

    Basic trivia is a small expert system which implements backward chaining rules for the inference process and has a similar behavior to the core example "animals.clp".

    CLIPS • Built by @jossemarGT


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