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  1. Hassle-free clojure.spec, automatic generative testing, side effect detection, and evaluation tracing for Clojure(-Script)

    Clojure 228 1 Built by @gnl 35 stars this week
  2. Clojure SOAP client

    Clojure 31 Built by @DeLaGuardo @DG4227 @zarkone 30 stars this week
  3. A Reagent Framework For Writing SPAs, in Clojurescript.

    Clojure 3,287 393 Built by @mike-thompson-day8 @danielcompton @stumitchell @smahood @hipitihop 15 stars this week
  4. Java2D wrapper + creative coding supporting functions (based on Processing and openFrameworks)

    Clojure 255 12 Built by @tsulej 12 stars this week
  5. Figwheel Main provides tooling for developing ClojureScript applications

    Clojure 37 6 Built by @bhauman @ajoberstar @dhl @kitofr @pesterhazy 10 stars this week
  6. Clojure to JS compiler

    Clojure 7,726 683 Built by @swannodette @mfikes @anmonteiro @brentonashworth @fogus 10 stars this week
  7. a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum

    Clojure 2,313 569 Built by @rasom @virvar @alwx @flexsurfer @jarradh 9 stars this week
  8. ClojureScript compilation made easy

    Clojure 567 31 Built by @thheller @jiyinyiyong @arichiardi @alex-dixon @zhanghuabin 10 stars this week
  9. A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

    Clojure 3,086 237 Built by @holmsand @Deraen @mike-thompson-day8 @yogthos @gadfly361 9 stars this week
  10. Figwheel builds your ClojureScript code and hot loads it into the browser as you are coding!

    Clojure 2,539 210 Built by @bhauman @danielcompton @otijhuis @bhb @bensu 7 stars this week
  11. Lightweight Docker Swarm management UI

    Clojure 531 34 Built by @nohaapav @lumir-mrkva @rarous @jirkapenzes @marcosnils 6 stars this week
  12. Devcards aims to provide a visual REPL experience for ClojureScript

    Clojure 1,209 98 Built by @bhauman @anmonteiro @robert-stuttaford @ricardojmendez @wilkerlucio 6 stars this week
  13. re-frame with batteries included

    Clojure 136 4 Built by @ingesolvoll @lsnape 6 stars this week
  14. Ring style HTTP server abstraction for Node.js

    Clojure 269 23 Built by @yogthos @facundoolano @zk @xafizoff @arichiardi 5 stars this week
  15. Immutable database and Datalog query engine for Clojure, ClojureScript and JS

    Clojure 2,933 187 Built by @tonsky @benfleis @dthume @montyxcantsin @abrooks 5 stars this week
  16. Clojure library for working with geohashes, polygons, and other world geometry

    Clojure 195 12 Built by @worace @willcohen @aphyr @chen-factual @ztellman 5 stars this week
  17. a Hypermedia Function

    Clojure 125 5 Built by @dustingetz @khardenstine 5 stars this week
  18. Durable reference types for Clojure

    Clojure 54 1 Built by @mdiin @danstone 5 stars this week
  19. A comprehensive Clojure client for the entire Amazon AWS api.

    Clojure 756 157 Built by @mcohen01 @lvh @codahale @kurtharriger @cemerick
  20. Clojure 113 2,303 Built by @rahcola
  21. Server automation framework and application

    Clojure 182 139 Built by @camlow325 @KevinCorcoran @nwolfe @justinstoller @haus
  22. Centralized Puppet Storage

    Clojure 225 187 Built by @kbarber @wkalt @grimradical @nicklewis @rbrw
  23. Monospaced font with programming ligatures

    Clojure 25,256 771 Built by @tonsky @j-f1 @Dominionized @abenedykt @alfredbez
  24. The Light Table IDE

    Clojure 10,196 879 Built by @ibdknox @cldwalker @jamii @kenny-evitt @MikeInnes
  25. ClojureScript interface to Facebook's React

    Clojure 6,489 371 Built by @swannodette @anmonteiro @awkay @bnoguchi @jlongster
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