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  1. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

    CoffeeScript 7,772 339 Built by @brian-mann @chrisbreiding @bahmutov @jennifer-shehane @lorennorman 572 stars this month
  2. Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.

    CoffeeScript 10,393 1,762 Built by @FelisCatus @zhtw2013 @MasoudRahmani @weblate @utf8please 272 stars this month
  3. A rich text editor for everyday writing

    CoffeeScript 8,998 462 Built by @javan @sstephenson @drewrygh @conormuirhead @dctalbot 101 stars this month
  4. JavaScript library for all kinds of color manipulations

    CoffeeScript 5,583 394 Built by @gka @acterhd @greggman @arya-s @thorn0 81 stars this month
  5. Unfancy JavaScript

    CoffeeScript 14,873 1,986 Built by @jashkenas @michaelficarra @GeoffreyBooth @satyr @lydell 77 stars this month
  6. Game for learning how to code.

    CoffeeScript 6,435 3,253 Built by @nwinter @sderickson @differentmatt @Imperadeiro98 @schmatz 55 stars this month
  7. XML to JavaScript object converter.

    CoffeeScript 3,367 404 Built by @Leonidas-from-XIV @tflanagan @neopunisher @JacksonTian @ryedin 54 stars this month
  8. Desktop chat client for Google Hangouts

    CoffeeScript 3,474 299 Built by @averissimo @davibe @algesten @maxkueng @arnriu 36 stars this month
  9. Project management web application with scrum in mind! Built on top of Django and AngularJS (Front)

    CoffeeScript 2,979 631 Built by @juanfran @bameda @Xaviju @superalex @jespino 29 stars this month
  10. Open-source Javascript Pivot Table (aka Pivot Grid, Pivot Chart, Cross-Tab) implementation with drag'n'drop.

    CoffeeScript 2,896 747 Built by @nicolaskruchten @Polfo @fastcatch @brendtumi @faheydesign 31 stars this month
  11. Pretty time-series line graphs

    CoffeeScript 6,829 1,234 Built by @oesmith @JelteF @sudodoki @chriserin @omarkhan 26 stars this month
  12. 🏢 SQL query string builder for Javascript

    CoffeeScript 1,337 187 Built by @hiddentao @SergeS @nl0 @mtsr @waterytowers 27 stars this month
  13. Copy/paste detector for programming source code.

    CoffeeScript 832 64 Built by @kucherenko @dmi3y @greenkeeper @jenniferplusplus @eavgerinos 19 stars this month
  14. A terminal package for Atom, complete with themes, API and more for PlatformIO IDE

    CoffeeScript 476 185 Built by @jeremyramin @ivankravets @KyrychukD @KevinBoergens @fusion809 15 stars this month
  15. Shadowsocks GUI client

    CoffeeScript 1,893 1,288 Built by @clowwindy @mksegv @wong2 14 stars this month
  16. vim-mode improved

    CoffeeScript 1,237 93 Built by @t9md @mcolyer @maxbrunsfeld @bhuga @jacekkopecky 15 stars this month
  17. a node internal caching module

    CoffeeScript 650 62 Built by @mpneuried @erdii @tcs-de @smrchy @chrootsu 15 stars this month
  18. Comprehensive interactive map of the world's major operating and planned submarine cable systems and landing stations, updated frequently.

    CoffeeScript 421 73 Built by @telegeography 13 stars this month
  19. Bootstrap ClojureScript React Native apps

    CoffeeScript 979 100 Built by @drapanjanas @dmotz @bhauman @cldwalker @dvcrn 13 stars this month
  20. Flow-based programming for JavaScript

    CoffeeScript 2,560 204 Built by @bergie @trustmaster @jonnor @greenkeeperio-bot @rybesh 12 stars this month
  21. Caniuse command line tool

    CoffeeScript 1,312 45 Built by @sgentle @AdrianoCahete @blindlybright @davidsawyer @mdawaffe 11 stars this month
  22. Cloudinary NPM for node.js integration

    CoffeeScript 238 127 Built by @tocker @TalLevAmi @codeinvain @nadavs @nadavofir 8 stars this month
  23. Atom Package Manager

    CoffeeScript 1,132 255 Built by @kevinsawicki @zcbenz @smashwilson @BinaryMuse @as-cii 8 stars this month
  24. Unobtrusive Javascript Framework for server-side applications

    CoffeeScript 263 14 Built by @triskweline @codener @foobear @kratob @dastra-mak 8 stars this month
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