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  1. uwplse / verdi

    A framework for formally verifying distributed systems implementations in Coq

    Coq • 19 stars this month • Built by @wilcoxjay @dwoos @Anxuiz

  2. AbsInt / CompCert

    The CompCert C verified compiler

    Coq • 7 stars this month • Built by @xavierleroy @bschommer @clarus

  3. UniMath / UniMath

    This coq library aims to formalize a substantial body of mathematics using the univalent point of view.

    Coq • 7 stars this month • Built by @DanGrayson @benediktahrens @vladimirias @lambdabetaheta

  4. HoTT / HoTT

    Homotopy type theory

    Coq • Built by @JasonGross @mikeshulman @andrejbauer @spitters @peterlefanulumsdaine

  5. vladimirias / Foundations

    Development of the univalent foundations of mathematics in Coq

    Coq • Built by @vladimirias @DanGrayson

  6. clarus / coq-chick-blog

    A blog engine written and proven in Coq.

    Coq • Built by @clarus @alokmenghrajani

  7. namin / dot

    formalization of the Dependent Object Types (DOT) calculus

    Coq • Built by @namin @adriaanm @lindydonna @smarter

  8. jonleivent / mindless-coding

    Mindless, verified (erasably) coding using dependent types

    Coq • Built by @jonleivent

  9. clarus / falso

    A proof of false.

    Coq • Built by @clarus

  10. sfja / sfja


    Coq • Built by @ummr @katayamak @mzp @yoshihiro503 @leque

  11. jwiegley / category-theory

    A formalization of category theory in Coq for personal study

    Coq • Built by @jwiegley @ekmett

  12. billlwhite / ledgertheory

    Coq • Built by @clarus @billlwhite @DeusExMachina

  13. tcarstens / verlang

    Coq • Built by @tcarstens

  14. math-classes / math-classes

    A library of abstract interfaces for mathematical structures in Coq.

    Coq • Built by @robbertkrebbers @Eelis @tomprince @spitters @wires

  15. coq-concurrency / pluto

    A web server written in Coq.

    Coq • Built by @clarus

  16. cmeiklejohn / distributed-data-structures

    Distributed Data Structures in Coq

    Coq • Built by @cmeiklejohn

  17. c-corn / corn

    Coq Repository at Nijmegen

    Coq • Built by @robbertkrebbers @Eelis @spitters @EvgenyMakarov @wires

  18. coq-ext-lib / coq-ext-lib

    A library of Coq definitions, theorems, and tactics.

    Coq • Built by @gmalecha @davdar @thinkmoore @clarus @braibant

  19. pi8027 / lambda-calculus

    A Formalization of Typed and Untyped λ-Calculi in SSReflect-Coq and Agda2

    Coq • Built by @pi8027

  20. wouter-swierstra / xmonad

    xmonad in Coq

    Coq • Built by @norm2782 @wouter-swierstra

  21. arthuraa / poleiro

    A blog about Coq

    Coq • Built by @arthuraa

  22. tmatsuya / wiki

    Coq • Built by @tmatsuya @sora

  23. sergei-romanenko / agda-simple-scp

    A simple supercompiler formally verified in Agda

    Coq • Built by @sergei-romanenko

  24. finrod / System-T

    Formalisation of Goedel's System T in Coq

    Coq • Built by @finrod

  25. jwiegley / coq-haskell

    A library for formalizing Haskell types and functions in Coq

    Coq • Built by @jwiegley


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