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  1. If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.

    C# 32,021 11,382 Built by @clowwindy @wongsyrone @Noisyfox @GangZhuo @celeron533 300 stars this week
  2. ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform .NET framework for building modern cloud-based web applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

    C# 8,889 2,120 Built by @aspnetci @pranavkm @natemcmaster @SteveSandersonMS @rynowak 208 stars this week
  3. Documentation for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

    C# 4,115 10,636 Built by @Rick-Anderson @scottaddie @guardrex @tdykstra @danroth27 69 stars this week
  4. The Free Software Media System

    C# 1,188 100 Built by @LukePulverenti @joshuaboniface @Techywarrior @nvllsvm @timhobbs 125 stars this week
  5. Walk through an infinite, procedurally generated city

    C# 1,403 143 Built by @marian42 @andybak @itamarcu 124 stars this week
  6. 🐝 A collection of awesome .NET core libraries, tools, frameworks and software

    C# 7,192 1,066 Built by @thangchung @ngohungphuc @DenisPav @ernado-x @Nick-Lucas 97 stars this week
  7. Easy to get started sample reference microservice and container based application. Cross-platform on Linux and Windows Docker Containers, powered by .NET Core 2.2, Docker engine and optionally Azure, Kubernetes or Service Fabric. Supports Visual Studio 2017, VS for Mac and CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code or any other …

    C# 8,348 3,227 Built by @CESARDELATORRE @eiximenis @christian147 @ramonTC @dsrodenas 78 stars this week
  8. ML.NET is an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET.

    C# 4,863 946 Built by @Ivanidzo4ka @sfilipi @eerhardt @yaeldekel @wschin 85 stars this week
  9. .NET debugger and assembly editor

    C# 8,144 1,325 Built by @0xd4d @SlowLogicBoy @HoLLy-HaCKeR @patricksadowski @LFriede 88 stars this week
  10. ASP.NET Boilerplate - Web Application Framework

    C# 6,046 2,431 Built by @hikalkan @ismcagdas @alirizaadiyahsi @acjh @beriniwlew 89 stars this week
  11. .NET Decompiler

    C# 6,806 1,548 Built by @siegfriedpammer @dgrunwald @eusebiu @dsrbecky @EdHarvey 82 stars this week
  12. PowerShell for every system!

    C# 12,231 1,981 Built by @andschwa @vors @daxian-dbw @TravisEz13 @SteveL-MSFT 76 stars this week
  13. A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies.

    C# 981 57 Built by @felixse @Riebart @ericcornelissen @Linard11 @cxfksword 80 stars this week
  14. C# 666 227 Built by @Sunrunner37 @MarijnS95 @nesrak1 @Jannify @Measurity 69 stars this week
  15. visualized crawler & ETL IDE written with C#/WPF

    C# 2,114 753 Built by @ferventdesert @alexchx @dalenewman @nanwanwang 65 stars this week
  16. C# 4,466 2,008 Built by @clowwindy @breakwa11 @GangZhuo @AkaneAkaza @Akkariiin 61 stars this week
  17. CoreFX is the foundational class libraries for .NET Core. It includes types for collections, file systems, console, JSON, XML, async and many others.

    C# 15,569 4,622 Built by @stephentoub @ericstj @weshaggard @dotnet-bot @mellinoe 59 stars this week
  18. A first person multiplayer shooter example project in Unity

    C# 2,246 641 Built by @pandr 57 stars this week
  19. Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit

    C# 4,879 1,190 Built by @awjuliani @vincentpierre @unityjeffrey @dericp @mmattar 58 stars this week
  20. Converts C# classes to TypeScript interfaces (and many more) within project build. 0-dependency, minimal, gluten-free

    C# 170 32 Built by @pavel-b-novikov @PandaWood @zivillian @radiosterne @ruler501 63 stars this week
  21. The world's simplest facial recognition api for .NET on Windows, MacOS and Linux

    C# 213 58 Built by @takuya-takeuchi 53 stars this week
  22. 🎬 ScreenToGif allows you to record a selected area of your screen, edit and save it as a gif or video.

    C# 5,862 688 Built by @NickeManarin @Nickesm @spietras @om2804 @mlocati 61 stars this week
  23. RushQuantClient API demo for all popular languages.

    C# 60 9 Built by @meision 58 stars this week
  24. The core infrastructure backend (API, database, Docker, etc).

    C# 2,616 220 Built by @kspearrin @Mart124 @SoulSeekkor @Hinton @setyb 53 stars this week
  25. Best ORM Fastest ORM Simple Easy Sqlite orm Oracle ORM Mysql Orm postgresql ORm SqlServer oRm

    C# 1,562 518 Built by @sunkaixuan @xland @gitjacob @Meir017 @1093439315 51 stars this week
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