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  1. 1

    google/web-starter-kit CSS

    Google Web Starter Kit (Beta)

  2. 2

    twbs/bootstrap CSS

    The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

  3. 3

    kristopolous/BOOTSTRA.386 CSS

    A Twitter Bootstrap theme to make webpages look like they are from the 1980s.

  4. 4

    daneden/animate.css CSS

    A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.

  5. 5

    FortAwesome/Font-Awesome CSS

    The iconic font and CSS toolkit

  6. 6

    kennethormandy/normalize-opentype.css CSS

    Adds OpenType features—ligatures, kerning, and more—to Normalize.css.

  7. 7

    h5bp/html5-boilerplate CSS

    A professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.

  8. 8

    1sters/material_design_zh CSS

    Material Design 中文协同翻译 -

  9. 9

    micaeloliveira/physics-sandbox CSS

    This repo contains simple physics simulations

  10. 10

    github/octicons CSS

    GitHub's icon font

  11. 11

    twbs/ratchet CSS

    Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS components.

  12. 12

    alexwolfe/Buttons CSS

    A CSS button library built using Sass and Compass

  13. 13

    afaqurk/linux-dash CSS

    A drop-in, low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a linux machine.

  14. 14

    muan/emoji CSS

    Easiest way to find the emoji that echoes your mind.

  15. 15

    interagent/http-api-design CSS

    HTTP API design guide extracted from work on the Heroku Platform API

  16. 16

    zurb/foundation CSS

    The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Quickly create prototypes and production code for sites and apps that work on any kind of device.

  17. 17

    Polymer/docs CSS

    Documentation for Polymer

  18. 18

    vestman/Select-or-Die CSS

    Yet another jQuery plugin to style select elements. Demo at

  19. 19

    designmodo/Flat-UI CSS

    Flat UI Free - Design Framework (html/css3/less/js). Flat UI is based on Bootstrap, a comfortable, responsive, and functional framework that simplifies the development of websites.

  20. 20

    space150/boba.js CSS

    Need those links tracked? "As you wish."

  21. 21

    kkortes/leaf CSS

    Google Material Design Theme

  22. 22

    ConciseCSS/concise.css CSS

    Lightweight, highly customizable, scalable, Sass-based, OOCSS framework.

  23. 23

    voronianski/ngActivityIndicator CSS

    Angular provider for preloader animations

  24. 24

    HubSpot/pace CSS

    Automatically add a progress bar to your site. #hubspot-open-source

  25. 25

    artsy/ CSS

    The Engineering Developers Blog


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