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  1. vlfeat / matconvnet

    MatConvNet: CNNs for MATLAB

    Cuda • 28 stars this month • Built by @vedaldi @lenck @ankush-me @albanie @hyenal

  2. feichtenhofer / twostreamfusion

    Code release for "Convolutional Two-Stream Network Fusion for Video Action Recognition", CVPR 2016.

    Cuda • 19 stars this month • Built by @feichtenhofer @abursuc

  3. torch / cutorch

    A CUDA backend for Torch7

    Cuda • 14 stars this month • Built by @soumith @dominikgrewe @nicholas-leonard @clementfarabet @akfidjeland

  4. NVIDIA / nccl

    Optimized primitives for collective multi-GPU communication

    Cuda • 14 stars this month • Built by @sjeaugey @borisfom @nluehr @lukeyeager @jia-kai

  5. baidu-research / warp-ctc

    Fast parallel CTC.

    Cuda • Built by @ekelsen @jaredcasper @bryancatanzaro @dxyzab @bshillingford

  6. antonmks / Alenka

    GPU database engine

    Cuda • Built by @antonmks @hurdad @Randolph42 @AlexeyAB @pinkdevelops

  7. TorontoDeepLearning / convnet

    A GPU implementation of Convolutional Neural Nets in C++

    Cuda • Built by @nitishsrivastava @avdmitry @rgrosse @itgod @neocortex14

  8. akrizhevsky / cuda-convnet2

    Automatically exported from

    Cuda • Built by @akrizhevsky @bestimage-tencent

  9. udacity / cs344

    Introduction to Parallel Programming class code

    Cuda • Built by @msarahan @chenghanlee @chenghan @cpowell @has207

  10. antonmks / nvParse

    Fast, gpu-based CSV parser

    Cuda • Built by @antonmks @hurdad

  11. jzbontar / mc-cnn

    Stereo Matching by Training a Convolutional Neural Network to Compare Image Patches

    Cuda • Built by @jzbontar

  12. NVlabs / cub

    CUB is a flexible library of cooperative threadblock primitives and other utilities for CUDA kernel programming.

    Cuda • Built by @dumerrill

  13. dnouri / cuda-convnet

    Fork of Alex Krizhevsky's cuda-convnet 1. Adds dropout.

    Cuda • Built by @kashif @dnouri @bitxiong

  14. facebook / fbcuda

    Facebook's CUDA extensions.

    Cuda • Built by @nicolasvasilache @wickedfoo @ajtulloch @soumith @colesbury

  15. gunrock / gunrock

    High-Performance Graph Primitives on GPUs

    Cuda • Built by @yzhwang @yuduowu @jowens @sgpyc @andyriffel

  16. torch / cunn

    Cuda • Built by @soumith @clementfarabet @szagoruyko @nicholas-leonard @andreaskoepf

  17. ArchaeaSoftware / cudahandbook

    Source code that accompanies The CUDA Handbook.

    Cuda • Built by @ArchaeaSoftware @tycho @cdwfs

  18. zhxfl / CUDA-CNN

    CNN accelerated by cuda. Test on mnist and finilly get 99.76%

    Cuda • Built by @zhxfl @liuyxin

  19. Celebrandil / CudaSift

    A CUDA implementation of SIFT for NVidia GPUs

    Cuda • Built by @Celebrandil

  20. emansim / unsupervised-videos

    Unsupervised Learning of Video Representations using LSTMs

    Cuda •

  21. wei-tan / CuMF

    CUDA-Accelerated ALS on multiple GPUs

    Cuda • Built by @wei-tan @llcao

  22. voutcn / megahit

    MEGAHIT: An ultra-fast single-node solution for large and complex metagenomics assembly via succinct de Bruijn graph

    Cuda • Built by @voutcn @epruesse @ctb @shaman-narayanasamy @lgautier

  23. NVlabs / nvbio-gpl

    NVBIO is a library of reusable components designed to accelerate bioinformatics applications using CUDA.

    Cuda • Built by @nsubtil

  24. SeSaMe-NUS / GPUGENIE-Release

    Cuda • Built by @LuanWH @zhoujingbo @imwithye @YuejiYang @Vio8023

  25. src-d / kmcuda

    Large-scale K-means implementation on NVIDIA GPU / CUDA

    Cuda • Built by @vmarkovtsev @mcuadros

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