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  1. 1

    dart-lang/chromedeveditor Dart

    Develop apps for the Chrome platform

  2. 2

    angular/angular.dart Dart

    A web framework for Dart

  3. 3

    bp74/StageXL Dart

    A library for graphically rich content like games in HTML5, based on the Flash API.

  4. 4

    dart-lang/web-ui Dart

    This hosts the 0.4.x code of polymer.dart package. See link for how to update.

  5. 5

    lvivski/start Dart

    Sinatra inspired web development framework for Dart

  6. 6

    FelisCatus/SwitchyOmega Dart

    A proxy extension for Chromium.

  7. 7

    dart-lang/dart-samples Dart

    HTML5 samples in Dart

  8. 8

    threeDart/three.dart Dart

    Dart port of three.js

  9. 9

    angular/angular.dart.tutorial Dart

    AngularDart tutorial

  10. 10

    dart-lang/bleeding_edge Dart

    Best Effort syncing, no guarantees. A read-only mirror of Please don't send Pull Requests here, please contribute via:

  11. 11

    rikulo/ui Dart

    Rikulo UI is a cross-platform framework for creating amazing Web and mobile applications in Dart and HTML 5.

  12. 12

    Netflix/security_monkey Dart

    Security Monkey

  13. 13

    sethladd/dart-polymer-dart-examples-unmaintained Dart

    Polymer.dart, Web Components, and Dart.

  14. 14

    johnmccutchan/spectre Dart

    Spectre Graphics Engine for Dart

  15. 15

    dart-lang/dart_by_example Dart

    Dart code snippets, examples, and solutions.

  16. 16

    luizmineo/redstone.dart Dart

    A metadata driven microframework for Dart.

  17. 17

    dart-lang/js-interop Dart

    Use JavaScript from Dart

  18. 18

    kevmoo/bot.dart Dart

    A collection of (mostly) general libraries to make working with Dart more productive.

  19. 19

    vadimtsushko/mongo_dart Dart

    Mongo_dart: MongoDB driver for Dart programming language

  20. 20

    dart-lang/dart-up-and-running-book Dart

    The DocBook (XML) and code that make up the O'Reilly book Dart: Up and Running

  21. 21

    justinfagnani/route Dart

    A client + server routing library for Dart

  22. 22

    jtmcdole/dart-webgl Dart

    Learn WebGL with Dart

  23. 23

    rikulo/stream Dart

    Lightweight Dart web server. Features: request routing, filtering, template engine, WebSocket, MVC design pattern, and file-based static resources.

  24. 24

    dartist/express Dart

    A thin express-js inspired layer around Dart's primitive HttpServer APIs

  25. 25

    rikulo/bootjack Dart

    Twitter Bootstrap ported in Dart.


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