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  1. Framework for building high-performance, high-fidelity iOS and Android apps.

    Dart 4,294 467 Built by @abarth @Hixie @devoncarew @HansMuller @vlidholt 205 stars this month
  2. The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.

    Dart 1,085 184 Built by @scheglov @peter-ahe-google @floitschG @johnniwinther @lrhn 42 stars this month
  3. A full-featured, full-stack framework in Dart.

    Dart 73 Built by @thosakwe 42 stars this month
  4. Angular 2 Dart

    Dart 345 58 Built by @matanlurey @kevmoo @ferhatb @alorenzen @hterkelsen 24 stars this month
  5. The official Material Design components for AngularDart. Used at Google in production apps.

    Dart 131 11 Built by @nshahan @kevmoo @filiph @kwalrath 18 stars this month
  6. Dart server-side framework: routing, ORM and OAuth 2.0 in a consistent, rigorously tested framework.

    Dart 122 9 Built by @stablekernel-admin @joeconwaystk @smswz @anachlas @JesseBlack82 13 stars this month
  7. Dart project generator - web apps, console apps, servers, and more.

    Dart 184 67 Built by @devoncarew @sethladd @kwalrath @kevmoo @Kleak 9 stars this month
  8. The Reactive Extensions for Dart

    Dart 90 11 Built by @frankpepermans @brianegan @dotdotcommadot @dustinlessard-wf @kevmoo 8 stars this month
  9. Dart wrapper for Firebase

    Dart 107 49 Built by @kevmoo @Janamou @madisona @sethladd @anantn 7 stars this month
  10. Proof of concept REPL shell for Dart

    Dart 21 1 Built by @BlackHC 6 stars this month
  11. Dart 48 7 Built by @apwilson @pylaligand @mikejurka @abarth @AsturaPhoenix 5 stars this month
  12. "Pop, Pop, Win!" is an implementation of Minesweeper in Dart.

    Dart 70 28 Built by @kevmoo @jakemac53 @sgjesse @whesse
  13. Runtime library for Dart protobufs

    Dart 52 38 Built by @skybrian @sgjesse @kevmoo @sigmundch @justinfagnani
  14. Chrome Dev Editor is a developer tool for building apps on the Chrome platform - Chrome Apps and Web Apps, in JavaScript or Dart.

    Dart 2,871 417 Built by @ussuri @devoncarew @gaurave @umop @dinhviethoa
  15. A web framework for Dart

    Dart 1,306 276 Built by @jbdeboer @mhevery @vicb @chirayuk @pavelgj
  16. A fast and universal 2D rendering engine for HTML5 and Dart.

    Dart 684 70 Built by @bp74 @kevmoo @elsassph @radicaled @marcojakob
  17. A web-based roguelike written in Dart.

    Dart 581 89 Built by @munificent @jwaltz @johnpryan @maetl
  18. Sinatra inspired web development framework for Dart

    Dart 385 45 Built by @lvivski @MarkBennett @sethladd @enyo @lucassp
  19. Making it easy to migrate issues between repos.

    Dart 366 48 Built by @nicolasgarnier @kevmoo @agocs @mojoaxel @bfontaine
  20. Dart 366 43 Built by @xNotch
  21. Various samples and examples in Dart

    Dart 352 174 Built by @shailen @jjinux @jason9t @johnmccutchan @kwalrath
  22. The Dartino project was an experiment seeking to improve productivity when writing application code for embedded devices.

    Dart 283 35 Built by @peter-ahe-google @madsager @sgjesse @mkustermann @zerny
  23. A Dart implementation of Sass.

    Dart 279 25 Built by @nex3 @adaojunior @koorgoo @kaelig @kulshekhar
  24. Dart port of three.js

    Dart 275 118 Built by @nelsonsilva @johsin18 @robsilv @Nican @cgrabowski
  25. A metadata driven microframework for Dart.

    Dart 266 43 Built by @luizmineo @Pacane @kaendfinger @sestegra @austincummings
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