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  1. metapolator / sean

    Sean is the first typeface family being produced with Metapolator

    Component Pascal • Built by simonegli Wei H Dave Crossland Julien Deswaef

  2. congdm / AyaCompiler

    Work-in-progress Oberon-07 compiler for Intel 64 (AMD64) architecture

    Component Pascal • Built by congdm

  3. pguyot / Einstein

    NewtonOS running on other operating systems

    Component Pascal • Built by Steven Frank Paul Guyot Eckhart Köppen jake-b

  4. davehirsch / Reduce3D

    A spatial statistical analysis program, targeted at porphyroblasts in metamorphic rocks. See Hirsch, D.M. (2011) Reduce3D: A tool for three-dimensional spatial statistical analysis of crystals. Geosphere, v.7, n.3

    Component Pascal •

  5. sean-dougherty / polyworld-comm

    Fork of polyworld devoted to structured communication.

    Component Pascal • Built by sean-dougherty

  6. jake-b / Newton-Internal-Serial-Enabler

    Developer tool for controlling the SerialPortSel and GPIO pins of the Newton Internal Serial Slot.

    Component Pascal • Built by jake-b Eckhart Köppen

  7. matthiaskoenig / multiscale-galactose

    Multiscale model of hepatic galactose metabolism

    Component Pascal • Built by Matthias König

  8. jake-b / Einstein

    Einstein Apple Newton Emulator

    Component Pascal • Built by Steven Frank Paul Guyot Eckhart Köppen jake-b

  9. konkers / Mill-Post-Processors

    Post processors for CNC milling machines

    Component Pascal • Built by Andrew Ward konkers flycao

  10. rockhowse / polyworld-server

    This is based off the original polyworld simulation codebase, except it can accept network connections allowing agents to register and get broadcasts of information the agent can use to render it's own view as well as do any AI predictions.

    Component Pascal • Built by Nate Rock

  11. rockhowse / polyworld-agent

    This is the networked polyworld-agent that connects to the polyworld-server. It's main function is to render the polyworld agent's retina and handle all local memory state of which the agent is aware. Unlike the original polyworld, the agent should be able to "think" independently. The initial concept is that the agent could run on a raspberry-p…

    Component Pascal • Built by Nate Rock

  12. chuckgroom / spiked2.1

    A 1997 Mac OS Classic two-player arcade game

    Component Pascal • Built by Chuck Groom

  13. robertctrescott / open-source

    Public source code for access.

    Component Pascal • Built by Robert Trescott

  14. rockhowse / polyworld

    This is a git repo taken from the original polyworld CVS branch.

    Component Pascal • Built by Nate Rock

  15. dettmering / adhesion-assay

    Image analysis pipeline for an adhesion assay

    Component Pascal • Built by Till Dettmering

  16. BaalDL / CruiseProtocolScripts

    Game Scripts which works with CruiseControl.

    Component Pascal • Built by BaalDL

  17. julien-lange / session-types-use-cases

    This is a common repository for the ABCD team to share use-cases of session types.

    Component Pascal • Built by rumineykova J. Garrett Morris Ornela Dardha

  18. swisspol / WaterRace

    Full source code for 3D boat racing game released by French Touch early 2001

    Component Pascal • Built by Pierre-Olivier Latour

  19. jemmicat / Ducati_Mikro

    Ducati 996 Replacement Gauges

    Component Pascal • Built by jemmicat

  20. splorp / einstein

    NewtonOS running on other operating systems

    Component Pascal • Built by Steven Frank Paul Guyot Eckhart Köppen jake-b

  21. 1127050148 / praktekrpl

    Component Pascal • Built by Siti Nurpadilah

  22. evanboyd / Avid-Interplay-AAF

    Sample AAF Interplay Web Services Code

    Component Pascal • Built by evanboyd

  23. kaesaecracker / TransPlus-Fork

    An BeOS extension to the data-stream translation kit that is aimed at document file-types.

    Component Pascal • Built by kaesaecracker

  24. arnoldrobbins / texindex

    Replacement version of texindex, written in awk, using TexiWebJr.

    Component Pascal • Built by Arnold Robbins

  25. ayakimovich / cp2-pipelines

    CellProfiler 2.0 Pipelines

    Component Pascal • Built by Artur Yakimovich, PhD


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