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  1. Baystation12 / Baystation12

    The code for Baystation12's branch of SS13

    DM • Built by @Zuhayr @comma @PsiOmegaDelta @mwerezak @caelaislinn

  2. tgstation / -tg-station

    the /tg/station branch of SS13

    DM • Built by @Cheridan @Giacom @Ikarrus @Miauw62 @Razharas

  3. d3athrow / vgstation13

    This is the vgstation's fork of baystation12's code.

    DM • Built by @d3athrow @N3X15 @caelaislinn @comma @CIB

  4. NTStation / NTstation13

    NTstation13 - A version of Spacestation13, forked from /tg/station13.

    DM • Built by @Giacom @Cheridan @Aranclanos @Razharas @Ikarrus

  5. ParadiseSS13 / Paradise

    Paradise Station's GitHub repository. Please use icon_override when making new inhand icons for items, as our item_lefthand and item_righthand .dmi files are full due to a BYOND limitation.

    DM • Built by @ZomgPonies @Fox-McCloud @comma @caelaislinn @Markolie

  6. ZomgPonies / OldParadise

    Rules to contribute: Do NOT edit icons/mob/items_lefthand and items_righthand. If you have in-hands you need to add, do so in the icons/mob/in-hand relevant sub-folders, in the relevant dmi. This is due to a BYOND limitation in dreammaker.

    DM • Built by @ZomgPonies @comma @caelaislinn @Zuhayr @CIB

  7. Yonaguni / EuropaStation

    The code for Baystation12's branch of SS13

    DM • Built by @Zuhayr @comma @PsiOmegaDelta @mwerezak @caelaislinn

  8. ss13-daedalus / daedalus

    A custom SS13 fork.

    DM • Built by @sunfall @Abi79 @Tastyfish @CIB @dopeghoti

  9. jamiedigweed / NSS-Phoenix

    The code for Unbound Travels branch of SS13

    DM • Built by @Zuhayr @comma @PsiOmegaDelta @mwerezak @caelaislinn

  10. UristMcStation / UristMcStation

    Urist McStation's BS12 branch. Come play at byond://

    DM • Built by @Zuhayr @comma @Glloyd @caelaislinn @Mloc

  11. SS13 / black_old

    Black server

    DM • Built by @LethalGhost @Yomomsofat @UndefinedSignal @Voliker @Rampoch

  12. stuicey / ApolloStation

    The code for ApolloStations's branch of SS13

    DM • Built by @Zuhayr @comma @caelaislinn @Mloc @PsiOmegaDelta

  13. Spoffy / LLA-Station-13

    DM • Built by @Giacom @Cheridan @Aranclanos @Razharas @FlavoredCactus

  14. UristMcStation / UMcS

    Urist McStation's /tg/ branch. This repo is no longer in use, Urist now runs a heavily modified Baystation 12 build. The new repo is

    DM • Built by @Giacom @Cheridan @Aranclanos @Glloyd @caelaislinn

  15. Aurorastation / Aurora

    For Aurorastation to use on SS13, forked from Baystation12.

    DM • Built by @skull132 @SoundScopes @Duck- @Dalekfodder @Sgtsammac

  16. HippieStationCode / HippieStation13

    PSA: Please remember to remember our coding standards, specifically all of them. Rule 6 under git is the most important.

    DM • Built by @Cheridan @Giacom @Aranclanos @Ikarrus @Razharas

  17. F0lak / HazordhuII

    Haz2's open source

    DM • Built by @F0lak @Kaiochao

  18. apophis775 / ColonialMarines

    New Repo for the current Colonial Marines Code.

    DM • Built by @apophis775 @rahlzel @SailorDave @Infernus44 @secretstamos

  19. goonstation / ProcessScheduler

    A BYOND SS13 Process Scheduler

    DM • Built by @volundr-

  20. jaggerestep / ColonialMarines

    Sulaco Colonial Marines

    DM • Built by @jaggerestep @apophis775 @Infernus44 @rahlzel @slayerplayer99

  21. DuncanFairley / TWC

    DM • Built by @Rotem12 @Juxnist @ZachieBlade @DuncanFairley @Digifais

  22. FighterX / SOVIET-STATION

    Build of United Kingdom of Soviet Station 13

    DM • Built by @Opex1989 @aleksix @FighterX @alexix1989 @KRLL

  23. Lawligagger / Hippie-Station-13

    This is old as fuck

    DM • Built by @Giacom @Cheridan @Aranclanos @Ikarrus @Razharas

  24. HypatiaStation / HypatiaStation

    Hypatia Station's Space Station 13 Code Branch. We're open source now! This repository is not reflective of the current state of our code

    DM • Built by @marajin @Askarn @techy2493 @TwistedAkai @kbernges

  25. HeavensGate / NSS-Eternal

    (Confirm - this is legacy build? Talk to me - Jakk) Where great minds clash to make a server and stuff.

    DM • Built by @woothie @Moraak @Pawoverlord @Dalekfodder @killer99603


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