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  1. dylan-lang / opendylan

    Open Dylan compiler and IDE

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @housel @hannesm @cgay @promovicz

  2. dylan-hackers / network-night-vision

    A TCP/IP stack written in Dylan, including binary parsing, flow and GUI with interactive shell

    Dylan • Built by @hannesm @andreas23 @waywardmonkeys @cgay @abeaumont

  3. project-mindy / mindy

    Mindy - Mindy Is Not Dylan Yet - is a compiler, interpreter and base set of libraries for the Dylan language. It is not fully compliant, but it is very hackable.

    Dylan • Built by @housel @andreas23 @ggreif @emk @waywardmonkeys

  4. dylan-lang / http

    HTTP server and client for Open Dylan

    Dylan • Built by @cgay @waywardmonkeys @fracek @kibook @hannesm

  5. dylan-foundry / tracing

    A tracing framework based on Google's Dapper.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys

  6. dylan-lang / wiki

    A git-backed wiki with RST markup

    Dylan • Built by @cgay @hannesm @andreas23 @rjmacready @waywardmonkeys

  7. waywardmonkeys / opendylan

    The Open Dylan compiler and IDE.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @housel @hannesm @cgay @promovicz

  8. dylan-foundry / gir-dylan

    Dylan bindings for gobject-introspection.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @fracek

  9. dylan-foundry / postgresql-dylan

    Postgres libpq low level bindings

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys

  10. dylan-foundry / nanomsg-dylan

    Dylan bindings for nanomsg.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys

  11. dylan-lang / command-interface

    Interactive command interface system for Open Dylan

    Dylan • Built by @promovicz @waywardmonkeys @rjmacready

  12. dylan-foundry / deft

    Deft, a Dylan Environment For Tools

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @fracek @cgay @danmidwood @promovicz

  13. dylan-lang / melange

    C-FFI interface generator for Open Dylan

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @emk @andreas23 @housel @hannesm

  14. AndrewGlynn / orlok

    Dylan • Built by @AndrewGlynn @waywardmonkeys

  15. waywardmonkeys / uv-dylan

    A wrapper around libuv.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @hannesm @promovicz

  16. nickik / RRB-Vector-in-Dylan

    Dylan •

  17. dylan-lang / strings

    String processing library for Open Dylan

    Dylan • Built by @cgay @waywardmonkeys @hannesm @andreas23 @BarAgent

  18. dylan-foundry / leveldb-dylan

    Dylan bindings for LevelDB

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys

  19. hannesm / opendylan

    The Open Dylan compiler and IDE.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys @hannesm @housel @cgay @andreas23

  20. dylan-foundry / objc-dylan

    A Dylan / Objective C bridge.

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys

  21. dylan-foundry / serialization

    Dylan serialization library for JSON.

    Dylan • Built by @abeaumont @waywardmonkeys @hannesm

  22. dylan-lang / mime

    MIME type library for Open Dylan

    Dylan • Built by @cgay @waywardmonkeys

  23. waywardmonkeys / clang-dylan

    Dylan • Built by @waywardmonkeys

  24. dylan-lang / binary-data

    A DSL for parsing and assembling binary data.

    Dylan • Built by @hannesm @waywardmonkeys @andreas23 @enlight @BarAgent

  25. tca / miniKanren-Dylan

    miniKanren in Dylan

    Dylan • Built by @tca @waywardmonkeys

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